A Message From Our Founder Regarding Coronavirus Outbreak

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As schools close, businesses shutter and individuals isolate, it can be challenging to find the good in America. To find the good in one another.

As the pandemic deepens throughout the country, Love What Matters will continue to showcase the good within us all. To focus on the heroes. To view the world through a compassionate lens.

We will continue to be a community of hope, support and kindness. To strengthen, help and guide each other. Now, more than ever.

During this crisis, we’ll see ordinary people doing extraordinary things. For their families, friends and strangers. They will remind us who we are. We’ll be there to tell their story, to dispel myths and to lift others up.

If you see someone struggling, remind them this is a temporary crisis. Remind them we’ll get through this and come out the other side stronger. Be a beacon of hope for others. It’s what matters.

If you know someone with a powerful story centered around hope, compassion, kindness or support – please submit your story here.

Colin Balfe
Founder & CEO
Love What Matters

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