Sophia San Filippo

‘What are your hands doing?’ you asked, instead of inquiring about what she wants for Christmas.’: Autism mama urges  ‘tis the season to spread awareness’ after Santa makes fun of stimming

“To the Santa who made fun of my daughter’s flapping: my kids have waited all year to sit on your coveted lap. My little girl is seven. This might be the last year she believes in your magic. Next time you see a child like mine—consider it beautiful, not bizarre.”

adoptive parents with their twins holding hands

‘The phone rang. ‘Would you be comfortable creating portraits of an unusual family?’: Stunning photos of LGBT, transracial family prove ‘beautiful families are bound by love, not DNA’

“She explained, ‘We are a lesbian couple with adopted African American twins. Sadly, the times make it hard for many people like us to feel comfortable going to anyone for things like this. There is a lot of judgment in the world and I had to tell you about our family dynamics to make sure we would be safe with you.'”

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