Sophia San Filippo

‘My little baby bump under a baggy sweatshirt, I waited nervously to receive my first round of chemo.’: Pregnant breast cancer warrior ‘fights or two’

“In an instant, our little sweetheart was laid on my chest. Her little cries told us she was working perfectly – no evidence whatsoever she’d been through 13 rounds of chemo. Tears filled my eyes, and I pulled a warm blanket around her. ‘Hi, Hope,’ I said as she snuggled against my chest and stopped crying.”

‘Don’t say anything. You don’t want to be taken from home, do you?’ We hid in our rooms, afraid of the people supposed to keep us safe.’: Child trauma survivor marries best friend, finds meaning of ‘real love’

“All I knew was I was scared of ‘love.’ I didn’t want it. In fact, I wanted to run from it like it was the plague. I wish I could go back and hold myself like I held my siblings. I wish I could tell little Jas that real love was coming. An angel on earth. The most adorable, bi-racial boy with the biggest dimples and largest afro I had ever seen.”

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