‘Dear mom, there is so much I didn’t understand back then, but now I do.’: Woman pens sweet letter to mother after giving birth

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“Dear Mom,

There is so much I didn’t understand back then, but now I do.

I never understood why sometimes you would look at me for the longest time.
Now I know, you were wanting time to stand still.

I never understood why you would say you just wanted 5 minutes of peace and quiet, when being loud and messy was much more fun.

I never understood why you would tell me to ‘always be kind’ when my brother was so annoying!
Now I know, nothing could make a mother more proud.

I never understood why sometimes you would sit with your head in your hands.
Now I understand, you were hiding your tears.

I never understood why I missed you for what felt like days.
Now I understand, you were working around the clock just to keep us afloat.

I never understood why you seemed upset I didn’t like my doll you got me one Christmas. After all, it wasn’t the one I asked for.
Now I understand, it was the next best affordable option.

I never understood why we had a big house then one day it became much smaller.
Now I understand that even as a single mother, you put our needs of school zoning ahead of the comfort of a larger home.

I never understood why when I was hurt I only wanted you.
Now I do, you’re the safest place I’ve ever known.

I never understood why in so many photos your dressy outfit was always the same.
Now I know, because ours were always different.

I never understood why it hurt you so much when I slammed doors or yelled at you growing up.
Now I do, and it hurts me too.

I never understood why you cried on my first overseas trip alone.
Now I know, the worry never stops.

I never understood why sometimes your hugs lasted that little bit longer.
Now I know, you needed one more than me.

I didn’t understand so much back then, but now I do.
You’re my hero, I love you.

I understand everything now.”

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Courtesy of Jessica Urlichs

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