‘I miss her voice.’: Grieving husband breaks down in tears after daughter’s special gift

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When we lose a loved one, we often find ourselves missing everything about them. Hearing a recording of their voice after they’ve passed away can bring out powerful emotions, as we see in a viral video shared by TikToker Araceli Cooper. In the video, Araceli explains that her mother passed away just two months ago and that her father has been suffering from severe depression ever since. To cheer him up, she started hunting for recordings of her mom’s voice.

Araceli was able to take a snippet from a voicemail message her mother had left her and put it inside a Build-A-Bear stuffed bunny. She dressed the toy in fabric from an outfit her mom had once worn to a family wedding. When she gave the bunny to her dad, his face crumpled with grief and love, and he immediately started to cry before rushing to thank his daughter for the precious gift.

Millions have been moved to tears by the raw emotion etched on this father’s face. Watch the heartfelt moment play out in the video below.

@xx.cooperReply to @moanonmylisa I miss her voice ❤️♬ original sound – Araceli Cooper


Reply to @sunshinecurls #greenscreen Build A Bear workshop ❤️ @Build-A-Bear let me know if you have anymore questions 😊

♬ original sound – Araceli Cooper

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