‘Unfiltered, unrestrained joy.’: After homeless man’s touching reunion with lost dog, strangers raise 16k to keep them off streets

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Anthony Rogers doesn’t have much in this world, but he does have the love and devotion of a Staffordshire terrier named Bobo.

The artist from Memphis, Tennessee had fallen on tough times. He ended up living on the streets with Bobo, his faithful companion who never leaves his side.

man after being reunited with his best friend

Even when Anthony couldn’t afford food for himself, he always made sure Bobo got what he needed. One day, Anthony woke up to discover Bobo was missing.

He frantically searched the nearby streets but could find no sign of his dog. A friend helped him put up “lost dog” posters all around the city, and Anthony hoped for the best — but feared the worst.

Weeks went by with no word. Finally, his friend got a phone call about the poster. The caller was an employee at Memphis Animal Services, and they said they’d found a dog who looked a lot like Bobo!

missing poster of the dog who was man's best friend

The employee had seen the missing dog signs around Memphis, but they weren’t certain he was the same pup as the stray they’d brought in. Of course, Anthony rushed to the shelter to find out.

The minute the door opened and the dog came out, everyone could tell right away that this was definitely Anthony’s dog!

man reunited with his dog

Bobo threw himself right into his dad’s arms with such tangible emotion that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

“It was a very cool moment to see such unfiltered, unrestrained joy,” shelter spokesperson Katie Pemberton said. “I think we all felt really lucky to be able to witness it. Working in animal sheltering can be very difficult emotionally, so seeing something so happy is like gas in the tank for us.”

man with his dog sitting on the ground, bonding

During his time at the shelter, Bobo was neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. He also tested negative for heartworm.

“We sent him back to Anthony with a year’s supply of heartworm prevention, a bag of dog food, and a harness, leash, collar, and ID tag,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Bobo is healthy and happy.”

Not only that, but after a video of Bobo and Anthony’s reunion went viral, a friend set up a GoFundMe and raised $16,850 to get them back on their feet!

dog who was missing then found

Moments like these remind us that it doesn’t matter who we are or how much we have in the bank. What really counts are the connections we make with others, both human and animal. In this case, Bobo’s “home” is wherever Anthony is!

Watch their joyful reunion in the video below.

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