‘I’m going to SPIT and COUGH on you.’ She began proclaiming ‘WHITE POWER’ and snatched my mask off my face.’: Woman stands up to racist lady in Home Depot, ‘Racism is not welcome’

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“‘I’m going to SPIT on you. I’m going to COUGH on you.’

‘You’re going to cough on me?’

“Yes I am entitled. I’m white and I’m a woman.’

‘What does you being white have to do with you getting your way?’

‘Because I’m a white woman and that’s what happens. I believe in WHITE POWER.’

Let these words sink in.

Racism is well and alive, and it’s time to put it the F out.

This happened to me on Friday at Home Depot. Now that I’m *kind of* chill I want to address it.

I was walking with an employee when a woman (now identified as Teri Hill) interrupted us mid conversation, and took her mask off to complain about other customers who did not have theirs on. The employee and I were both wearing ours and the employee I was with could not do anything at the moment as they were still working. So, I stepped in to let her know that she was going to need to keep her mask on as well if she was going to be walking around policing masks and faces.

The moment I told her she was doing exactly what she was upset about, she ripped her mask fully off and shoved it in her pocket and said, ‘You’re not going to tell me what to f***ing do.’

Entitlement. She felt entitled to correct others but when she realized she was doing the same thing, she got angry. She then announced she was going to spit and cough on me. It happened that fast and it escalated that fast, and I knew she was serious.

Anyone asking why I didn’t walk away, I’ll tell you:

Walking away is easy. It would have been the easy thing to do. However, it wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. Not in my heart.

I’m also white. I try to use my privilege for good because I’m afforded the luxury of being able to stand up to other white folks without having a narrative spun.

I will NEVER stand by when someone is being rude or aggressive to employees who are putting their own health on the line to be berated by customers. No one deserves to go to work to be yelled at by entitled lunatics.

I will NEVER stand by when I hear someone threatening to give another person (me, employees, strangers, customers, plants, officers) Covid-19 in the midst of a pandemic by transferring their bodily fluids to us because a grown woman was throwing a tantrum.

I will ALWAYS stand up for those who cannot use their voice.

I will ALWAYS use my voice when it isn’t safe for others to do so.


I will ACTIVELY continue to dismantle this behavior.

This woman felt like she was entitled to do what she wanted, how she wanted, and say what she wanted because she was white. She tried to leverage what she viewed as her *rights* with the power that her skin carries. I don’t give a flying hoot about your white entitlement, your white woman BS, and your ‘white power.’ You failed at being a decent human being. You failed to do the bare minimum.

My words in the video stand. Only a disgusting, racist, ignorant human would speak and act like that. Only a horrible ‘entitled white woman’ would think it was kosher to snatch my mask off my face while fighting on concrete during a pandemic after proclaiming their WHITE POWER. Thankfully, a bystander made sure she didn’t leave the store and called 911. She was arrested on scene for battery and disorderly.

If you ever find yourself in a position like this, I beg you to speak up. If folks feel comfortable enough to say these things in broad day light, in the middle of a store to someone who is also white, I’d like to know what comes out behind closed doors. Or how Black and brown folks are treated by said human. I’m glad I had my phone out. I am so sick of people thinking they can say and do what they want without repercussion. Individuals need to stand up, community’s need to stand up.

Racism is not welcome here. Ableism is not welcome here. Be accountable for the things you say and do. You cannot hide your face or views especially when you’re announcing them in public. Thank you for saying it loud and proud for the world to hear so we can make sure to stay away from folks like you. Disagreements are about tastes in food and music. They are not about disrespecting employees to get your way, threatening to cough and spit in someone’s face, or blatant racism. It’s easy to walk away. I’m not going to do the easy thing, and I never will.”

Disclaimer: The following video contains profanity.

Posted by Sydney Waters on Friday, July 3, 2020

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