‘He heard my 7-year-old say, ‘Is it really all gone?’ He didn’t have much. He stopped what he was doing, and came over to us.’: Mom encourages us to ‘thank an employee’ during COVID-19 outbreak

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“This is Keith. Keith works at Walmart and stocks the meat.

We walked up, and he heard my 7-year-old boy say, ‘Is it really all gone?’

He stopped what he was doing and came over to us. He let us know he didn’t have much, but he had some ground beef/pork mixture in the back which he was about to bring out.

I asked him if today had been hard. He said they’ve been going nonstop for three days. Every time they put something on the shelf, it’s gone right away.

But yet, he approached me to let me know he had beef in the back — ultimately making his job harder.

As we walked away, my son asked, ‘What just happened?’

I said, ‘God just provided, buddy.’

It may seem small, but what Keith did gave my little boy some peace in the chaos surrounding us.

Thank you for showing kindness to us Keith.

Thank all the ‘Keith’s’ while you are out looking for things at the store.

They are tired. They are frustrated. They are probably a little worried, too.”

Courtesy of Lyndsey Hobby

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