‘It just clicked’: 80-year-old and 92-year-old find love while behaving like teenagers

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Renee Weiss is 80. Miles Miller is 92. The pair met at a speed dating event. Their adorable love story proves age is just a number:

Weiss: I was sitting at table No. 3 and it was his turn to come to Table 3. We talked. And you had a little piece of paper in front of you, and if you said you sort of liked a guy and he liked you, you put a mark there. And at the end, we both liked each other. Then he called and we went to dinner. We went to dinner and he kept calling and I kept going out with him… We just came together so easily and enjoyed each other’s company and we liked the same things. He loves nice restaurants and I love to go to nice restaurants. We laugh and we kid around. He is a pleasure to be with and he is very smart.

Miller: I left my name and address. I called and she called…We finally got together and it has been fun ever since. It’s been real nice. She’s the best. We just got back from a cruise, 7 days, went to the west Caribbean and had a great time.

Weiss: I was married to 56 years to one man and he passed away five years ago, and I didn’t date, didn’t have anybody else. The first time I went to this meet and greet thing, it just clicked. It felt like [Miles and I] knew each other forever and everything we do is fun. We go to restaurants, everybody loves us wherever we go. They always say we are an awesome couple. When I make a reservation, I usually go to Open Tables to make the reservation. They have a little spot for a comment and I always put down a little thing saying, “two seniors in love.” That seems to get their attention. We went to one restaurant, this waitress was so great.

Miller: She sat down with us and took photos. And desserts free, coffee free, appetizers champagne free.

Miller: The interaction between us, doing things together instead of staying home (feeling) sorry for ourselves and so forth. To get out and do something, and plan ahead. If you don’t plan ahead, you are not living. You get old, and you can sit and die, or you can get out and do things. And if you get to do things and are happy, you can make other people happy. Making other people happy makes us happy.

Weiss: We can go, just go and feed ducks, or go to a movie or we go on a walk…What we do is not crazy. We just have fun and we enjoy each other and we look forward to seeing each other and we talk on the phone at least twice a day on the phone.


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