‘It never fails that when I get home, relaxed and full from a great dinner, the kids in bed, and the wife says, ‘Baby will you do me a favor?’

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“It never fails that when I get home, relaxed and nice and full from a great dinner, the wife and I have the kids in bed, and she says, ‘baby will you do me a favor?’ I already know what’s coming – she is going to ask me to me to go to Sonic and get her a root beer float. Without fail, every night.



On my last post I saw a lot of people who were commenting saying, ‘it goes both ways,’ and you’re right, it does…. sort of. You see my wife would never go to Sonic for me every night, she would never stop what she’s doing and listen to my day, and that’s because that’s not what I need, that’s not me.

She knows me and knows what I need, and is perfect at giving it to me. If I’m sitting next to her and lift up the back of my shirt there is not a doubt in my mind she will scratch my back.

When I have a crazy idea like taking my jet ski down the Arkansas River for 200 miles from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Ft. Smith, Arkansas, she just giggles and says ‘ok.’ It’s not a condescending giggle, it’s more of a ‘yep that’s my ridiculous husband that I love’ giggle.

She allows me to be me, she doesn’t try to change me. She learned to love me for who I am, she learned to love me how I needed to be loved.

That’s what a marriage is, learning to love someone for who they are. You get to spend the rest of your life perfecting that, being successful at it. Success is a marathon of consistency worked out one day at a time.

So, take your time as my wife has, learn what your significant other needs, be their calm in the storm. Be their adventure, learn to be whatever they need and then maybe, just maybe, they will be your late-night Sonic run.”

This story was written by Jeff Hardy, 31, of Oklahoma. The article originally appeared here. Submit your story here, and be sure to subscribe to our best love stories here.

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