‘It was their faces, that’s what’s going to get to me, It was real fear’: Teacher helps students during shooting at Highland High School in Palmdale

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This morning, gunshots rang out at Highland High School in Palmdale, California just north of Los Angeles. But as always, helpers in the form of teachers were on hand to assist the students.

Ricky Munoz, 23, said he had just dropped his two younger brothers and a friend off at the high school. “About a minute later, I get a call from them saying there were gunshots and they asked to be picked up.”

A teacher at the school, Garret Root said he first didn’t believe the reports of the shooting.

Elizabeth Cramer, a math teacher jumped into action and helped shuffle the students to safety from the shooter.

Current reports indicate one person is injured, and the police report notes a suspect is currently in custody.

This story is developing.

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