‘Let’s hear it for the dads. The ones who don’t ‘babysit’ – they parent. The ones who come home from work, ready to pitch in.’

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“Let’s hear it for the dads.

The ones who make our hearts explode the first time we see them holding our babies.

The ones who put the baby in the car to drive around the block because colic is real and you just want to shower in peace.

The ones who don’t “babysit”— they parent.

The ones who hold us up when we’re feeling weak.

The ones who come home after a long day of work, ready to pitch in— or who stay at home with the kids so that we can bring home a paycheck.

The ones who cook breakfast on the weekends and make blanket forts like a boss.

The ones who wrestle on the living room floor, even with a bad back, because they know how much he kids love it— and how it wears them out before bed.

The ones who rock a diaper bag, and a minivan, and still look hot.

The ones who are strong enough to carry our overgrown kids around— even when they’re old enough to walk— but vulnerable enough to get teary when they think about walking their daughter down the aisle.

The ones who remind us that we were people before we were mothers, and the ones who remind us that we’re so much more than just a caretaker.

The ones who support our purpose and our passions.

The ones who work hard, play hard, and love harder. Who make life fun and support us always.

We never thought we could be more in love with you until the day you became a father.

Here’s to you, dads.”


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