‘I went overboard. After bringing it all into the house and seeing everything on the kitchen floor, I felt really gross.’: Mom urges ‘we can do better’ during mass panic

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“Fear and the unknown sometimes trigger us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. Panic is always ugly and unhelpful but, in the moment, you might not even be able to tell that is what is happening.

Those who are truly vulnerable SHOULD be sure to have a bit of a stockpile (3 weeks or more) but for those of us without vulnerable family members, unless we’ve been slowly building an emergency supply over time, everyone panicking and doing so all at once within a week or two will mean that those who live paycheck-to-paycheck or have had other restrictions to getting supplies not only won’t be able to build a small stockpile, they won’t even be able to get just enough. Some people weren’t paid until this past Friday and some won’t be until this coming Friday and will have no additional funds to get anything until then… They are encountering empty shelves because of others selfishly panic hoarding at the last minute.

If you found yourself panic hoarding but then realize that it was unnecessary and is harming others, it’s not too late. You can do something about it.

Courtesy Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber

As one commenter, Molly, shared:

‘I went overboard buying some stuff. After bringing it all into the house and seeing everything on the kitchen floor, I just felt really gross… So, I’ve since shared a lot of it and feel a lot better about it now

The thing is, Italy has been on lockdown for how long and people can still go get food. It’s not as convenient, but people can generally go get what they need. It’s going to be okay, so please leave toiletries and food for people whose cupboards are bare.

I figure, if some of us can acknowledge our own selfishness and then take steps to undo it, others might follow suit. I’m no saint but occasionally I can be a good example… sometimes.’

Courtesy Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber

Molly, thank you for being honest and sharing. And thank you for finding a way to give back!

If you would like to share from the surplus of supplies you may have panic stashed, here are some ways for you to do so:

Check with your local food pantry about donating.

Call local nonprofits (including churches) and see if they know of vulnerable citizens who could use some supplies.

Join your local Buy Nothing group and see if needs are being shared there.

Consider checking with your neighbors or go through a neighborhood app like Next-door.

Reach out to schools or other child-based centers and see if there are families that couldn’t find supplies.

Make a post offering supplies to friends on social media if they’re having a hard time finding things.

Have more ideas for how people can share from their overabundance? Comment on this post!

These photos were submitted from all across the United States. This is what people who are just getting their paychecks to do ANY shopping are facing. They are overwhelmed and scared and not sure how to feed and care for their family when faced with this.

We can do better. We can help each other and be sure nobody needlessly suffers.”

Courtesy Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber

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