‘My middle child, you are not the baby. Your dad and I didn’t coddle you, but you are better for it. You are independent.’

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“To My Middle Child,

I know it can be tough, not being the baby but also not being the oldest. I hope you never feel stuck.

I hope you know we celebrate you, and we love you so much it hurts. We are proud of you, and we are so excited to watch you grow.

Parenting books and research are quick to remind us that, as a middle child, you may question where you fit in. You may struggle with self-esteem, and your place in the family.

Middle children often fall in the shadows of first-born siblings, who are famous for being presidents and running Fortune 500 companies. But those birth order statistics, don’t know you. They don’t know about my middle child who doesn’t fit in a box – the one who broke the mold.

You are a gift. You can go from an intense nerf war with your brother, to cuddling your baby sister in a matter of minutes.

You are loving, sensitive, and empathetic. You feel the emotions, pain and struggles of others, and I can’t think of a gift that will better serve this broken world.

You are social and kind. Your brain never stops working and it is amazing to watch. You can play alone, but you are also great with groups.

You make sure everyone feels welcomed and appreciated. You are a diplomat and a peacemaker, and it deeply bothers you to see someone upset.


You are stubborn and you don’t give up, and while at times this makes me want to pull my hair out, I truly believe these traits will contribute to your future success.

You never forget a promise, but you often forget why you were angry at your sister. You are quick to forgive and quick to love.

Sweet child, I don’t think you are this amazing in spite of being the middle child, I think you are this way because of it.

You have an older sister who is the definition of responsible and hardworking. You have learned from her, but you have also given yourself space to not get stressed out by the small things.

You know you are not the baby. Your dad and I probably didn’t have the opportunity to coddle you as much as we would have liked, but you are better for it. You are independent. You don’t usually cry when things don’t go your way. You roll with the punches.

You are our middle child, and you are exactly who you were made to be! So, don’t you ever think that parenting experts and birth order books know more about you than we do.

We know you best, and we think you are pretty darn special.”


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