‘This toy will cost an arm and a leg.’ Then the cashier noticed my daughter, who happens to be missing an arm and a leg.’: Employee’s embarrassing comment sparks conversation and connection

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“I went up to the electronics cashier at Wal-Mart and asked him to price check a toy. He rang it up and quipped, ‘This toy will cost an arm and a leg.’ Then he noticed my daughter, who happens to be missing an arm and a leg. His face looked horrified and he started profusely apologizing.

I reassured him she was definitely worth more than an ‘arm and a leg,’ and I knew he had no ill intentions by his comment. I explained how we use humor a lot at our house and he shouldn’t worry a bit. I started to walk away and he called me back.

He told me he had two three-year-olds and he would like to understand more about limb differences. He asked politely if missing limbs made it harder.

Brother and sister with limb differences show off their new prosthetics.
Courtesy of Stacey Jackson

I answered, ‘Nope, she’s hard because she’s a three-year-old, just like your kids.’ We both smiled and laughed over raising threenagers, then he bid me a great day.

It’s okay to say embarrassing things. It’s okay to say something imperfect. But what’s even better, is to continue the conversation and relate to me and my child. Thank you, Wal-Mart electronics cashier, for saying ‘hello.'”

Young girl colors on the sidewalk with chalk.
Courtesy of Stacey Jackson

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