‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ Shizzing yourself at your job interview. That’s what.’: Woman hilariously shares ‘mortifying’ accident, hopes it can ‘make someone smile’

“I felt a bead of sweat roll down my face. My stomach started making beastly growls. I got to my feet to rush to the bathroom when I heard a knock. Hello, Mrs. O? Its so nice to meet you. Shiz. Shiz. Holy shiz. It was too late. I was trapped! Suddenly, I felt hot flashes and bubbles. My body was going to DO THE DAMN THING. Needless to say, I didnt get the job.”

‘The man yells, Look! These are yours. They fell out of that box. Im your mailman!’: Woman hilariously recalls run-in with Amazon Prime deliveryman who picked up her ‘new butt’ underwear

“I saw a man walk onto my porch, then he bent down like he was hiding. So, I was like, Hell no, you arent about to steal my Halloween decorations. I grab a baseball bat and the dog, open the door, jump out and literally yell Freeze! The man stands up, and he’s holding a pair of underwear. I’m like, ‘You dirty old man, you’re on my porch smelling underwear.’ I’m out here swinging this baseball bat and hes screaming, Wait! Wait!”

Its not how you look, its how you FEEL!: 8-year-old rocks red ball gown in school pictures, mom cant argue with her confidence

Click, click, swoosh, swoosh was all I heard as my 8-year-old daughter emerged from her bedroom. It was just after 7:30 a.m. – she was wearing silver high heels and a floor-length, red, jeweled, ball gown. My initial thought was, She must think its Saturday. It was indeed a school-day. Not only that, it was the all-important, everlasting PICTURE DAY! Oh, she knew.

‘I’m Claire. I’m 90. I’m single. And I don’t need no man! Mic drop.’: 90-year-old woman hilariously praises ‘hubby-free’ life, claims it’s ‘the secret to living long’

“I’m a prune, I know. But a living prune nonetheless! I dont have Alzheimers. I dont use a cane. Yes, I remember what I ate for dinner 3 nights ago. And I dont have a husband! No, he didnt die off on me. I didnt outlive him. He never existed! Im convinced these leafy greens arent the only reason Im been alive and truckin’ this long!”

Yup, you have it too. Sorry, babe. NOT ME TOO! I was so grossed out. I was itchy. Why us?!: Mom relives horror of 4 kids infesting home with lice, urges other parents to admit when family has it

We were standing at the bus stop when my daughter was scratching her head. Um, why is she scratching so much? I watched her for a minute, and could tell this was serious. Instant panic. LICE! My whole body went into hysteria. I had 4 thick, curly heads looming before me. Crap, what about my OWN head? Oh God. Tim please check… my head He parted my hair, examining it with his phones flashlight.

I have to go the bathroom, my husband says, handing me the diaperless baby with poop on his hands. He rushes off.: Mom quickly realizes she does NOT want another child after initially thinking she does thanks to friends precious newborn

“I met my friends new baby! I smelled the newborn goodness. I watched her little mouth open while she yawns and holds my thumb. Then, I felt a familiar sensation my ovaries start to go off like firecrackers, like my little uterus has pressed the red button and is screaming MAYDAY! MAYDAY! We need a fetus!! I message my husband saying, One more?'”

‘Last night, my soul left my body. Yes, I pooped out my soul and went to heaven. And now I’m a brand new man.’: Man hilariously shares Magnesium Citrate ‘near-death experience’ after eating 20 ‘nuclear wings’

“Until last night, I didn’t understand the term ‘shiz storm.’ I was looking down on myself from the sky, watching all of my internal organs liquefy and spray out like someone jumped on a balloon full of Nutella. After 4 straight hours of pooping, I passed out on the bathroom floor for 2 hours only to be awoken by my dog licking me to see if I was dead.”

Are you kidding me, mom?! Help me! Its an explosion of epic proportions. Do we salvage this outfit? Heck. NO!’: Mom hilariously recounts every mothers worst nightmare, the diaper blowout

“Its so goopy. Its E V E R Y W H E R E! In crevasses you didnt know existed. Its up the back, and down the legs. More creeps onto your hand with every wipe. Youre gagging. You pick baby up and hold him Lion King style, praying that none splatters onto the floor as you shuffle towards the sink. This isnt that bad this isnt that bad色 Youre trying not to be dramatic. But youre totally being dramatic.”

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