They lost touch. But he remained very dear to my dad, and years later, Dad asked if I could try to find him on the internet. I tried, but had no luck. Part of me was a bit relieved.

At the top of his planner was a name I didnt recognize. I called. Hello sir, my name is Sarah. Im the daughter of Eugene. He has you here in his phone book but Im not sure how you know him. Are you from his days in New Jersey? At that moment, my memory came back, and I could feel the surge of emotion in me.

‘Me: Kids, I’m going to go take a quick shower. Child: Can I have a snack? Me: No, I’m going to make dinner. Another child: Can you help me find my pink dragon with glittery wings?’

“Yet another child: Can I tell you about this new game that’s coming out that I really want for Christmas? Me: Yes, after my shower. Walks upstairs. Children follow. Child: How MANY pieces of candy can I have after dinner? Yet another child: So I can get that game for Christmas? Steps out of shower.”

‘As my due date gets closer, I thought about removing my body hair so I dont get shaved down by a nurse and die of embarrassment because she needs a whipper snipper to cut through the Sherwood Forest.’

’Are you in labor?,’ he asks holding the tongs. ‘No! Omg Im having a reaction to the cream!’ He looks at my face and sees half-hardened face mask and thinks I put the cream on my face, so he helpfully grabs a towel and starts rubbing my face while Im trying to push him away.”

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