‘Hubby: I sent these pictures to work to show them the baby. Theyre good, right? Me: Youre kidding me, right? OH MY GOD!I am NOT covered up down there! Did you even LOOK at them?

“Hubby: (in a rising and panicked voice).Well, yeah. And I even had your DAD look at them before I sent them! My dads eyes are bulging out of his head. Dad starts trying to defend them.We were just looking at your faces, it was a cute family photo. Well, from the top up! My husband goes into damage control. Oh no, oh my God, how did I miss that?”

What in the actual hell are you doing?’ Then I saw it. The glassy eyes.I have NEVER seen my husband DRUNK. The waitress asks if he’d like another round. He’s LOST. HIS. MIND.’

“I peek into the bathroom. He is NAKED, on the toilet with his face in a garbage can. He hears me shriek with laughter and screams, CLOSE THE DOOR DANIELLE!! Me: You drink a little too much? Justin: NO! It was the chicken wings. I am DOUBLED OVER laughing at how ridiculous this is, and how stupid he thinks I am.”

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