‘To be fully honest, if I didnt stay busy, Id eat all of the quarantine snacks while standing in my kitchen staring at my phone.’: Quarantined mom urges take it all one day at a time

“Within a quick 24-hours, I became a full-time-working-stay-at-home-full-time-home-schooling-mom. I had no idea how it was all going to happen. Hell, Id be happy with a general idea or suggestion of how this all will play out! I know we will figure it out, but I have a sneaking suspicion its going to be a lot of building the plane while we fly it. And I have to be okay with that.”

She was recording her EVERY move that weekend and sending it all directly to me. I just wanted a night for myself!: Stay-at-home mom urges others dont be that friend

“A very good friend of mine was going on a bachelorette getaway. Have you heard of the phrase, ‘If you dont have anything nice to say. Dont say anything at all’? Thats all that’s been running through my head for days. My nerves were shot, my boiling point was BOILING. I’ve known her since I was 5. To say I was hurt was an understatement.”

Enjoy your two weeks off. We would all welcome Netflix and a snack day, but I have been working nonstop.: Teacher says, Heres the TRUTH about what we teachers are doing

The last few days have been an absolute whirlwind and a total blur. I cant tell you how many times my Apple Watch has told me to ‘Breathe. I woke up at 7:30 a.m. to three texts from my coworkers. Im currently researching how to use YouTube as a potential platform for sharing videos of lessons. We are working hard for your kids.

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