He read the paper, You are a dad. Ive never heard his voice that reach that note.: Wife surprises shocked husband with pregnancy news, he shouts Really?! This is the best day ever!

I text him: Im not doing well. Come home now. He will because I have a fractured back! He calls. Im still crying happy tears, but they sound sad when I say: I need you home. Not lying. Those are true statements. He is coming straight home. Success! Praise the Lord for this fractured back. I couldn’t believe that a baby survived my fall, the pain killers, the almost X-ray fiasco, and yet it had.

It felt like the longest 3 days of my life, keeping the secret from him.: After miscarriage, woman surprises Army husband with pregnancy before his deployment

Right around the time as the miscarriage, we also found out Ben would be deploying for 9 months to Afghanistan. Knowing he would be gone a lot for training between April and when he left in September, we didnt think it was likely I would get pregnant again before he left, and figured wed have to wait another year to even start trying for a baby again. Three days before, I decided to test again. To my surprise, it was positive! I was pregnant!

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