‘I’m a sucky wife some days. He gets the leftovers, life gets the main dish. Most nights, I’m asleep before he even graces the bedroom.’: Woman ‘thankful’ for husband who ‘doesnt ask more of me than he knows I can give this season’

“I dont have that same twinkle in my eye. I can no longer give him my full attention like I used to. My energy goes into playing hot wheels and throwing together loads of laundry. We share half-hearted conversations as we each scroll through stupid Facebook videos at the end of a long day. I pour so much of myself into every area of my life that my husband often gets the drips of what is left. Its not fair. But Im thankful.”

‘We don’t get sick days. We’re late to everything. We’re expected to work like we dont have children and raise children like we dont have careers.’: Working mom shares candid peek into her ‘beautifully chaotic’ life

“We come home from work already exhausted. Every time we actually sit down to eat, someone needs more of something. All week, we’re an Uber to small, crying humans that don’t tip well. Laundry. Is. Our. ENEMY. We are ALWAYS torn between excelling in our career or rocking it as a mom.”

‘Yeah, lets do it.’ We scrambled up the fire escape. ‘Hey, get back down here!’ It was cops yelling. ‘You reckon theyre gonna kill us?: Man recalls becoming friends with country singer, Marty Robbins, thanks to StoryWorth

My buddy found a window that was unlocked and we climbed in… to a ladies’ restroom. And it was occupied. There was lots of screaming and shrieking and we didnt know what to do. ‘Whats going on in here?!’ He introduced himself as Marty Robbins. ‘You guys come with me.’ The cops said, ‘Weve been looking for these boys!’ We thought for sure they were going to arrest us.

‘The cop opened the trunk. Jack quickly put his hands up. ‘Dont shoot!’ There, in the trunk, lay my friends.’: Man reminisces on the old days with his true friends thanks to StoryWorth

“It was the 1950s. Sitting at Mae’s Grill with my buddies, a girl I’d recently broken up with called. ‘Shoot, youll end up going back steady with her.’ ‘Like hell I will!’ They didn’t believe me. When I picked up Joan to talk, my pals were in the trunk to hear it all. ‘Don’t make noise!’ I warned. Next thing I knew, the state trooper was at the side of my car. ‘I hope you don’t have any beer in the trunk!'”

‘What the heck, Im not ready. I wasnt expecting this.’ Everything we knew had taken a sudden shift.: 20-year-old gets positive pregnancy test same day as husbands deployment, I couldnt handle going through it alone

The first day he came home, we got pregnant. Wed been apart for 3 months straight – can you really blame us? The sun was just coming up. We were packing our car for the airport to say our goodbyes. I woke up feeling nauseous, so I took a pregnancy test. I immediately felt lightheaded and fell on my cold bathroom floor, bawling. Hayden sat next to me, wrapping his arms around me. ‘What do you want to do? Its going to be okay.’ Before I knew it, Hayden was gone and I was on my way back home, alone.

I am a C-section-having, formula-feeding, disposable diaper, working kind of mom. I do not regret it.: Mom explains her parenting choices, but says, Please respect my parenting views as Ive always tried to respect your parenting views.

I discipline my girls. I am pro-vaccine. I typically use a small chair I refurnished titled Thinking Spot. I work so that my girls will grow up seeing that I am working in my dream job, literally. I want them to know that its possible to have their dream, just as Im living mine.

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