‘My son was screaming, That thing on her chest popped! The doctor bandaged it up and told me to change it once a day. Um, yeah. Ok. Have you ever tried taking a bandage off a 4-year-old? Like giving a cat a bath.’

“My son came in. He knew he had to act. He took a bandage from the counter and presented his little sister with a simple question. If I put this bandage on me, and let you take it off, will you let Mom take off yours? She pondered the idea, then nodded in agreement. He was going to protect her forever.”

‘Hubby: I sent these pictures to work to show them the baby. Theyre good, right? Me: Youre kidding me, right? OH MY GOD!I am NOT covered up down there! Did you even LOOK at them?

“Hubby: (in a rising and panicked voice).Well, yeah. And I even had your DAD look at them before I sent them! My dads eyes are bulging out of his head. Dad starts trying to defend them.We were just looking at your faces, it was a cute family photo. Well, from the top up! My husband goes into damage control. Oh no, oh my God, how did I miss that?”

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