‘YOU’RE going to run? Your boobs are going to hit your face.’ I went to see a plastic surgeon at 16.’: Woman overcomes years of negative self image, ‘If you’re not feeling good on the inside, you’ll never feel good on the outside’

“I was told by my boyfriend, ‘You need to stop being mean to everyone just because you’re in a bad mood.’ I moved out with no money, no job, and no dog. Everyone who said, ‘We’re still your friend and we love you no matter what,’ didn’t stick around.”

‘I was newly single. ‘If you keep the baby, you’ll ruin my life.’ He drove me to an abortion clinic. I prayed so hard for someone to save me.’: Abuse, suicide survivor claims ‘my son saved me’

“I left college to move hundreds of miles away to be with a guy who had ‘red flag’ written all over him. And there I was, newly single, on my friend’s bathroom floor staring at a positive pregnancy test I took as a joke, in complete shock. Days earlier I had tried to take my own life. I remember whispering repeatedly, ‘Please give me a miracle.'”

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