‘I have no idea how many weeks I am. I never had my period.’: Woman suffers two consecutive miscarriages, urges others to ‘stop asking couples when they’re going to have kids’

“My friend said, ‘I have this weird feeling you’re pregnant.’ I laughed. ‘No way, I have not even gotten my period yet.’ Sure enough, those two lines showed up. WHAT? I immediately called my husband. ‘Are you kidding me?’ After an hour, a nurse told me, ‘You picked the wrong day to come here. Monday’s are busy.’ My husband, getting frustrated, looked at me and said, ‘I’m going to get the truck. We’re not staying here.’”

‘The day you were born Daddy was wearing this shirt.’

“When Josh got home from work – he saw Amelia in the dress. I asked him if he remembered why that shirt was so special.  His whole face change in the realization of the significance of the shirt. He was so thrilled and picked Amelia up for a huge hug and told her why the shirt was so special.”

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