‘The red numbers flashed 302. I felt the bottom of my stomach drop. I thought I was going to throw up on the scale. The way I was living my life was killing me.’ Woman credits a ‘single, random conversation’ with her 95-pound weight loss

“A friend asking me to dinner could send me spiraling. What if they want to sit at a booth instead of a table? What if I don’t FIT in the booth? What if my stomach rests on the table? Every single moment of my life felt this way. The entire world felt like it was made for someone else. There wasn’t a single place I fit or felt comfortable.”

‘Then came… ‘the hair.’ WHY was her hair so darn fluffy?’ Mom shocked to learn of daughter’s ‘ultra-rare hair condition’ called ‘Uncombable Hair Syndrome’

“‘Aw, what a cutie with that head of fuzzy hair! Don’t you worry though, it’ll fall out soon,’ a nurse chattered as she walked us into an exam room. ‘It won’t,’ I thought to myself. My daughter was too old to still have this fuzzy head of hair. That’s when it hit me: something about my daughter was different.”

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