‘Calm down a little. Sleep it off.’ My baby had an egg-sized lump on his skill. I was told I was ‘just a stressed out momma.’: Baby diagnosed with Chiari Malformation after mom’s concerns brushed off for months, ‘I’m so glad I trusted my gut’

“Rowen’s skull was swelling. He started grabbing his head constantly and screaming. He was throwing up non-stop and couldn’t even turn his head. I kept hearing time and time again from doctors, ‘You just need some sleep.’ It got to the point where every time they saw me, they asked, ‘Are you getting sleep? You need it badly.’ I started to doubt myself. Was I going crazy? But deep down, I knew something wasnt right. I decided to go with my gut. Enough was ENOUGH.”

Im so sorry. My wife died in a car accident. She wanted to hang out with you guys. He had tears in his eyes as he grabbed his daughters hand.: Mom forever changed by chance encounter with stranger, You never know what someone is going through

I had lunch at Sams Club with my twins. A little girl with blonde hair ran up and sat next to us. I looked around for the mom. Didnt see anyone. This is so odd. If the mom doesnt come over soon, Ill have to get an employee. Im searching all the women at the food court. Dad finally walks up. Hey, thanks for letting her sit here.’ I smiled. No problem at all! When it was time to go, we walked towards the door. She followed us. I got a little uneasy. Is she scared of him? Then he approached us.

I am confident you have the deadliest form of skin cancer. I burnt regularly. I remember peeling off dead skin.: Woman survives both skin and breast cancer, has learned to always trust your gut when it comes to your health

“I was lying on a sun lounger (in the shade of course) and I suddenly got an overwhelming, unexplainable gut feeling I needed a mammogram. I didnt have any lumps, but my gut was screaming it was the right thing to do. I had so many unanswered questions. ‘Am I dying? How long do I have left to live? Will I be here to see my children grow up?’ I was so vulnerable and weak and didnt know whether I had the strength to climb the mountain which now seemed to be looming in front of me.

‘I dont want this life. I’m not cut out for this!’ I heard ‘I’m sorry’ on the other end. Adrenaline began, my face got hot. Then the tears started to roll.’: Boy with down syndrome diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

“Oliver was on vacation with his dad when I got the call. ‘He stopped walking.’ Weeks pass. His lymph nodes are swollen. Something just wasnt right. I remember telling my boss, ‘I have to leave!’ Before I could even get a response, I was gone. Im worried the ER doctor missed something. The doctor is quiet. I can see in her eyes she is trying to stay calm for me, but something is there. I scream. Deep down, she knows something I dont.”

No Jack! No doctor! I hold him tightly, feel his heart beating. It is heart breaking. I question why I put him through what feels like torture.: Mom thankful for affectionate siblings who help calm autistic brother, It just melted my heart

I have had to physically put myself between our boy and the floor so he doesn’t hurt himself by banging his head in frustration. It is heart breaking. I make sure to bring Jack to all of his siblings visits as well. WHY?! These rare moments. Oh Jack, I’m not hurt. Give me a hug! She assured her anxious brother. See Jack, Maddie is okay. Olivia whispered into his hear. It quickly became a sister sandwich. How beautiful is that?

‘You’re going to do exactly what I tell you. He grabbed my throat. The devil was staring me in the face. Fear washed over my body.: Young woman survives sexual assault in woods, I refuse to hide. I need others to know they arent alone

A boat was pulling up, and two guys were inside. They said, ‘Who is this?’ I was confused. He was locking up his truck and his friends told him to hurry the hell up. He responded, ‘Hey at least I brought you guys some tail.’ My stomach sank, my heart started to race. I had recently been told I overreact…was this just an overreaction to a dumb joke? I went in the tent to grab a shirt because I was freezing. He followed me in and starting kissing me. My ‘no’ didn’t matter. I burst into tears. He looked at me with disgust. ‘I don’t like your attitude.’

‘Her father walked into my office, completely lost. His daughter was spiraling. She just needed someone to believe in her, so she could believe in herself.’: Police officer forms beautiful friendship with troubled teen, ‘I refused to give up on her’

“His daughter had started to drink and hang with the wrong crowd. She’d received her first official charge for destruction of property. He had no clue what to do with her. ‘I’ll meet with her.’ As she walked into my office, my whole life changed. She would come to challenge me, as I would challenge her. A bond would be formed that helped both of us become better people. I refused to give up on her. She was in need. She wanted to be better.”

‘What if Matthew doesn’t come home this time?’ I watch him struggle to breathe. I gasp for air, screaming as my mother holdsmy shaking body.’: Sister advocates for brother battling Cystic Fibrosis, ‘I will stand beside him in this fight, forever’

“My tears soak the sleeve of her sweatshirt. A sharp, strong pain runs through my chest. For the past 19 years, I have watched him swallow hundreds of thousands of pills. ‘What if Matthew gets sicker? How much time does he have?’ I finally decided I was tired of watching. Life gave me the greatest gift of all: a brother. I will stand hand-in-hand beside him in this fight.”

Are you her nanny? Did you kidnap her? I had a mom call me her Au Pair at gymnastics. We get stared down.: Single black mom adopts 2 white siblings, is constantly judged by strangers but urges, Love goes beyond skin color

When I tell them Im her mom, they reply with, Ohhhh. She must look like her dad then. In line at stores, I get stared down. I say out loud to Elizabeth, Mommy loves you! And she replies, I love you mommy. That makes the people so confused. You can see their brain cells burning with confusion. Whenever she misbehaves in public, people stare so hard to see how the nanny is going to handle it. Sometimes I say, You can stop looking. Im her mother. Then, I was notified she had a brother. I thought my family was complete, but I was wrong.

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