‘Scott, a 30-year-old picture of health, was on the Treadmill before work. The cleaning lady found him.’: Woman loses Border Patrol Agent husband to sudden heart attack, finds new partner who allows me to love 2 men at the same time

“There’s been an accident. Silence. My doorbell rang. 6 uniformed agents were at my front door. Leave your daughter here, they will watch her, you need to come with me. I was hesitant, but sensed the urgency in their voices. No one knows how long he had been laying there. I froze. I kept thinking it was a joke. Scott was a huge prankster. I just kept hoping his eyes would open.”

‘You will never become anything,’ my doctor said. I was going stone-cold deaf. ‘What now?’: Woman loses hearing to infection, vows ‘deafness will not define me’

“As a young girl, there were signs. I literally danced to my own beat, mispronounced words. I spent years humiliated, called to stand up in front of classmates and speak the language I couldn’t hear. On one test in particular, I completely bombed the oral exam, tears streaming down. I thought you didn’t want to be labeled as different,’ my teacher said. That was the final straw.”

I was just pulled over, for no reason. He’s black, I’m white. My heart raced. We get the CRAZIEST looks.’: White woman dating black man says its an honor hed choose to be with me, it blows me away

“How many white women have you actually dated? I asked. None. That makes you like…a pioneer. lol. I read his response, a knot forming in my stomach. ‘Ive never really trusted or felt safe around white people. He’s HUGE, towering over my 5-foot figure. We get the CRAZIEST looks when we’re with our kids. His are biracial, my youngest is white white WHITE. I imagine people wondering if I cheated on him.

‘He said, Hey, I have herpes. Did you give it to me?’ Just like that. I played my part of perfect girlfriend.: Woman urges others to ‘listen to that voice inside’ after finally leaving abusive relationship

“The day of the funeral came. I smiled when people asked, When are you guys going to get married? I cringed at the thought. I checked his phone. Him: My mom left me a lot of money. Her: So? Him: Now we can be together. Her: What about HER (me), youre lying. Him: Lets run away together. I woke him up and asked him, What the hell is this?'”

‘Hey, I have something to show you.’ My grandpa pulled out a cup, her name still on it. It’s been 20 years.’: Grandpa surprises daughter with late grandmother’s keepsake, reminds us to ‘live in the joy of the present’

“This past Christmas, as I was writing everyone’s names on their red solo cups, my grandpa pulled me aside with a grin and reached into the top corner of a cabinet. ‘I dug it out of the trash after everyone left.’ He knew it would be the last time the love of his life celebrated Christmas. Make sure to send that text, make that call, go to that birthday party. Because, sometimes, we don’t know.”

‘It snapped me awake. What I thought was snoring, was actually the death rattle.’: Woman remarries after high school sweethearts sudden death, creates big, blended family with new husband, ‘I love my husband’s ex-wife’

“I found myself breaking my set of rules with him right away. I never got in a car with someone. I went for a drive with him on the first date, to the middle of nowhere, to look for owls. I told him to invite Meredith (his ex) over for Christmas morning. He was confused. I love my husbands ex-wife.

‘Are you okay?’ I was visibly a junkie. This man took me to his home where his girlfriend was waiting.’: Woman reminisces on stranger’s ‘beautiful act of kindness’ during active addiction

“I used to sleep under this bridge. One day, at a gas station, I was visibly bleeding from a fight. This woman gently dressed my wounds. They gave me clothes, a soda, and a sandwich. I was literally too hungry to play shy, so I scarfed it down and chugged until I hiccuped. In that moment of pure desperation, they breathed life back into me.”

Umm, Im 32, DIVORCED WITH TWO KIDS. He said, Yeah, we need your consent.’ ‘Yes, I CONSENT!: Divorced single mom adopted at 32, I wonder if theyre tired of me. I felt like it was too good to be true’

I ran away from home. I was hiding in a strangers garage while my mom and police looked for me. I used a strangers phone to call The Pates. ‘I cant go home, can you help me? I feared my mother. The next day she drove me to their house, dumped my belongings at the bottom of their driveway, and left. So, at the age of 32, I was adopted. I got a new birth certificate and everything.”

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