‘Her little chest was open. She was swollen, double her size. She didn’t look like my baby. A nurse calmly said, ‘I dont feel a pulse. All I could say was, ‘NO!’ Over and over.’ Single mom touched by stranger’s act of kindness after hours spent in ER

“I realized I had just watched my baby die. My seven-day-old flat lined and died in front of me. I couldn’t believe how calm they were. Completely restless and emotionally ruined, I posted in a local mom group. ‘I can’t leave my daughter alone, but I really need a coffee.'”

My mom told me my dad was gone. I fell to my knees. A nurse asked me to be quiet.: Daughter sells everything, lives nomadic life in search of peace after fathers death to terminal cancer

I woke up to a call from my brother. Dad is really sick. He has cancer. Time stood still. What am I supposed to do? In less than 2 months, he passed. My lifestyle has brought concern to others. What do you mean you’re selling everything? How are you going to live? What about your careers? I was in the midst of a breakdown.

‘My pregnancy crushed my stepkids. The mom and dad they’d known were gone, and now we were bringing a baby into their lives.’ Mom feels ‘remorse’ for bringing child into ‘complicated’ home

“I mourned that my daughter couldnt be welcomed into the world with joyful innocence. She’d be born into a life of sharing Christmases and summer vacations. A life where daddy couldn’t tell mommy she was his first and only wife. I had to bury the dreams of what I THOUGHT motherhood looked like.”

‘You sure you don’t want to take the truck?’ I heard him start his motorcycle. ‘I’ll be fine. Love you!’ The screen doors shut. My husband walked out of the house for the last time.’ Woman shares emotional journey after husband’s motorcycle accident

“We had a deal. Derek could ride his bike, but he had to text me whenever he arrived at his destination. I checked my phone, fully expecting an ‘Im safe’ text. Instead, I woke up to a missed call and voicemail from Dereks phone. My heart instantly went to my throat. ‘Mrs. Lavender, your husband’s been in a serious accident. Please call back.'”

You dont see what goes on behind closed doors. We love your family members as our own. Aged care worker explains she is not incompetent, but pressed for time

“They dont see us hold the hands of a man with Parkinsons to ease his shakes. They dont see us sing their favorite song quietly as we feed them breakfast. They dont see us cry as we comb the hair of a resident who has just passed so they look presentable for their family. They dont see us go home as a broken, shattered human who has seen more in one day than most people will ever see.”

‘We buckled him into his booster seat in the social workers car and watched them drive away.’: Foster parent’s emotional response after beloved 4-year-old goes home to biological father

“That night as we sat on the couch crying, I looked at the clock. It was 8:00, the time wed usually take him to bed. I hope hes snuggled into bed after having his favorite book read to him, I said. I dont, my husband replied. I hope his dad loves him so much, and missed him so badly that hes still just holding him, and telling him how much he loves him.'”

‘Are you sure there’s two babies?!’ The doctor grew silent. ‘Actually, you’re having triplets!’ We were only planning to have ONE child. It felt like the earth stopped spinning.’ Mom pregnant with triplets advised to ‘terminate’ one baby

“My weak heart couldn’t handle a triplet pregnancy. We were advised to terminate one of my babies and set the date for a ‘fetal reduction’. My husband and I cried on the way to the appointment and stopped the car. As a triplet myself, I couldn’t imagine life without my sisters. I had three babies, and my heart wanted ALL three.”

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