I awoke to no vision in my right eye. The last I remember was sitting on a lobby floor, half dressed, my friend begging me to stand up.: Woman overcomes decades of alcohol abuse, now nearly 2 years sober

I had gone to the grocery store with 4 bottles of wine, a pint of whiskey, and a bottle of Tylenol on my list. When I got to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror, for the first time in my 35 years, the outside of my body matched exactly what I was feeling on the inside. All the shame, guilt, disappointment, and pure hatred Id always had was right there on my face, literally. I will never forget my moms look of absolute terror when I removed the ice from my eye.

My husband left. My son was homeless. My daughter swallowed 160 pills, and my baby would likely be stillborn.: Womans life dismantled from top to bottom, survives massive ball of horror

The next morning, I awoke in our empty bed and reality came crashing down around me. I completely shattered. It had been almost a year since I walked out on our back deck and breathed in the gorgeous fragrance of the fruit trees in full bloom, felt the warm sun on my skin, and took a big, deep breath as my heart swelled with gratitude. Now, my life felt unsurvivable.

We should talk delivery options. My response? Um, excuse me? My husband’s phone showed he got the call at 10:53. Active-duty Army woman gives birth unexpectedly while on vacation

We were vacationing in Florida. My husband and I are both active-duty Army.. I was 35 weeks pregnant at the end of April when we flew from Tennessee to Vero Beach, Florida, for one last vacation as a family of 3. I had fallen forward on my belly. I was placed on a gurney, in full uniform, and wheeled through the ER. Little did we know, our little man was about to make a big entrance!

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