Before the doctor punctured my belly, my husband looked to me. Do you wanna know? My fairytale pregnancy was being ripped apart.: Moms devastation over shocking Lymphatic Malformation diagnosis leads to pure bliss

I had no clue what to feel. I was so devastated that something was wrong with our perfect little baby. The only thing running through my mind was, Please dont take my baby. I never once cried seeing how severe his malformation was. I just kept thinking, That thats my baby boy. I was so in love.

Im ok mom, I love you too, was the last thing he said to me. That was 10:20 on Saturday night.: Mother tragically loses her best friend son to heroin overdose

“He always answered my calls. But on Sunday morning, he didn’t. And I just knew he was gone. The only way I can explain this pain is that every cell in my body that created my son is on fire yearning to hold him again. Its a physical pain only a mother would know. Its in my bone marrow. Just a deep yearning to touch him, and hold him.

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