‘She seemed off. Not eating, stomach aches, lying around. The pediatrician basically laughed at Tim, confused why they were there. How did all the doctors miss it?’

“It started with a fever, and then her limp would get bad and she would be up all-night crying and screaming in pain. Eventually she slept in our bed because I couldnt keep going back and forth to her room. What about our other daughter, Lily?! We were going to have a new baby almost any time! I immediately left the room and sobbed.”

Youre really lucky you came in today, because something is definitely wrong.: Woman strives to overcome unexpected Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis

The day was Friday the 13th and I STILL had this annoying, itchy, dry cough. They want me to go to the hospital. They dont want me to drive there, and they want me to go now, I nervously explained to my husband. All I can think is WHAT IS GOING ON? About 30 minutes later a doctor and a nurse come in. We think its cancer, they said. After that, I blacked out.

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