Were going to stay until the courts tell us we cant keep her. We have to see it through for her, no matter what.: Foster mom gains custody of little girl after 2 years raising her, Our family is finally complete

The Army told Jason it was time to move, but she wasnt legally free. With tears in his eyes, he wrapped me in his arms and said, Were ripping our family to shreds trying to keep it together. But we cant leave her. The boys hadnt even heard what we decided; they simply rallied to their sister. They humbled me right down to my core.

‘I awoke from the anesthesia. ‘Is it closed?’ My family nodded. I feared passing it to my kids.’: Sister surrogate births twins in wake of sibling’s infertility battle, ‘I couldn’t be more proud of her!’

“I questioned whether I’d ever have boyfriends, if someone would ever love me enough to marry me. I was weird looking. I was different. I kept telling myself I didn’t need kids. Then, I met a man and my life did a 180. I wanted a family and kids so badly.”

Why do you want to adopt Shiloh?, the judge asked us. Ill never forget what my husband said. It’s the paperwork catching up to hearts. She ISour daughter, he responded.’: Couple elated to officially adopt daughter

“Our normally bouncy Shiloh was quiet and only wanted Daddy. She just wanted to be still. At only 2 years old, she couldnt verbalize her feelings. We couldnt help her understand what was happening. She could sense it was something big, and that all eyes were on her.”

‘My son was screaming, That thing on her chest popped! The doctor bandaged it up and told me to change it once a day. Um, yeah. Ok. Have you ever tried taking a bandage off a 4-year-old? Like giving a cat a bath.’: Brother ‘never leaving’ little sister alone after dad dies

“My son came in. He knew he had to act. He took a bandage from the counter and presented his little sister with a simple question. If I put this bandage on me, and let you take it off, will you let Mom take off yours? She pondered the idea, then nodded in agreement. He was going to protect her forever.”

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