‘I was asked if I had any questions. All I could manage to mumble was, Will I lose my hair? I was 16. I was in high school. I was a girl. I couldnt be bald. I just couldnt.’

“Three words. That’s all it took. Three simple words. Everything was happening too fast. I just sat there, staring at the wall, trying not cry. When homecoming came, I had this beautiful red dress. I put on heels, makeup. Then I looked in the mirror and crumbled to the ground. What was I thinking? I looked ridiculous. I looked sick.”

‘I choked out, So, their dad and I are no longer living together. 8 months into fostering two of the girls, and 2 months after saying yes! to adopting, my childrens father and I separated.’

“We had 5 kids and had just celebrated 6 years of marriage. Our entire life crashed, the walls built with facades and fantasies. I was secretly dying inside. It was silent, painful. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Id be taking family photos without a husband, my childrens father.”

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