Shes been promising her baby to 4 other families. Wed been scammed by our birth mother. Tears streaming, I hoped it was a bad dream. All I wanted was to be a mother.

“At that same ultrasound, while holding the hand of another adoptive mother, she was texting me details of the visit and sex of the baby. She’d ‘panic’ and ask for more money so she wouldn’t change her mind and take him away from us. She knew all about me and my infertility. She knew exactly what she was doing.”

‘I ran to the laundry room. Something told me to put my hands in the washing machine. I resisted. No way. Are you kidding me? Of course he is not in the washing machine.’: Infant son dies from drowning in washing machine

“I had a top loading washer and always let Ollie help me throw a few items in – dont most moms let their kids help? I called his name. No answer. Silence. Nothing. The air began to be very thick. How could this have happened with me only 15 feet away, in the same house?!”

‘He was out at a restaurant with my brother. The next morning, my entire life was over. Caroline. He’s not breathing. I snapped back, What are you talking about?’: Widow learns to grieve with her daughters after husband unexpectedly died in his sleep

“Someone I love dearly timidly asked, Did he do those things regularly? I considered keeping his secret. I chose not to disclose WHY he died. I told people, tight-lipped, He died in his sleep. I held onto the shame and guilt. I’ll do this for you, I thought.”

Today is the day I get to meet Abigail! Im excited! Her tone is bleak, she begins to cry. Abigail didnt make it.: Fathers anguish over losing child, drifting apart from daughters mother after trauma

A text comes to me about 11:24. It reads, Are you at work? Can you call me? Abigail’s mother no longer wanted to be around me. I was a reminder of our trauma. It was devastating because now I feel completely erased from her life as if nothing ever happened. I constantly dream of the family that almost was.

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