‘Weeks before boot camp, he said, ‘What if we get married?!’ I knew the risks. The statistics were against us. But if I said no, I knew every ounce of me would regret it.’ Military spouse candidly recounts ‘navigating the chaos’ of marrying, conceiving young

“When I got pregnant, we had a fairy tale image of what our little life would look like. NO ONE tells you the effect a baby can have on your relationship with your spouse. We went from the comforts of our family homes to navigating life on our own. From regular date nights and weekend outings to sleeping in shifts. We barely spoke. Our connection and intimacy had gone numb.”

Is it weird having one white twin and one black twin? They are POLAR OPPOSITES! She is fair-skinned with bright blue eyes. He is dark skinned with brown eyes and black hair.: Mom says despite being ‘polar opposites,’ her kids are ‘best friends’

Nurses didnt know how to approach me. I got statements like, I’ve been a nurse 23 years and have never worked with twins like them. People are shocked. When were out in public I get questions. Are they adopted? Are they twins? Do they have the same father? Its amazing.

Youre lucky Im with you, because youre really fat. I was always just the smart girl with a pretty face. I was never the total package.: Woman overcomes bullying, depression to carry out extreme weight loss, ‘I transformed into a warrior’

“From the moment I started school, I was always the biggest kid in class. At one point, I was pulled out of school for 8 weeks. Rumors started. I heard a group of girls talking about how I should have never come back. I was a ‘pig.’ Trying to fit in and make every test an A+ began to get harder and harder. I was desperate for love and acceptance.My life quickly spiraled out of control.”

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