‘They’d remind me, You’re doing everything right, it gets better! But the words haunted my soul’: Mom ‘angry’ over urgency to breast feed, says son ‘became a baby I did not yet know’ after formula

“I felt disgusted with myself. Why couldnt I just put the pump down? I knew this decision would allow me more time to hold my baby, yet I was still holding on to this expectation of myself. I didn’t want to be strapped to a machine that was yielding no results. Yet here I was.”

Im so sorry I cant take this away. He looked up at me with absolute perfect clarity. Its okay.: Parents astonished by infant sons miraculous response, lose him days later to rare brain tumor

We stood in astonishment. Prior to this, hed only known how to say one word: Dog. My wife and I leaned in to tell him we loved him. He looked up again and said, I love you. We held his little hand, his little frail body in my arms, and begged him to visit us. I asked him to watch over his siblings. We put him in the black Suburban, and watched them drive away.

Im single, and I havent had sex with anyone, but Im pregnant. After the shock, they were happy.: Single-by-choice mom births son with Down syndrome, I thought I chose Matthew, but he chose me

You can be a Mom. You dont need a husband. I couldnt ignore how her words resonated with the deepest part of my heart. Can I really do this? I asked the nurse, ‘is everything okay?’ She shook her head and said, ‘no.’ I was disoriented. ‘What are you saying?’ This pulled a strength out of me I never knew I had.”

‘I can’t decide if I want a baby! I’ll ruin my career,’ my friend messaged. I was brutally honest.’: Woman ‘mourns’ loss of life pre-motherhood, ‘I gave up a lot, but I gained so much more’

“The last thing I want is a friend crying to me over the phone, holding her newborn, telling me shes not cut out for this. So, I told her the truth. That most nights I sleep 4 hours. My relationship suffered, my body changed, and I got the baby blues. That I’m still mourning the carefree girl I was before, who loved not knowing what tomorrow would bring. I’m still letting her go.”

‘What do I wear to a job interview?’ ‘Am I overreacting?’ You get to ask your mom. I have to ask Google.’: Young woman loses mom to Stage 4 Cancer, ‘don’t take the little questions for granted’

“I find myself angry. Angry I am here asking a search engine stupid, little questions almost every one else in my life gets to talk to their mom about. I never realized how many things I would still need to ask, until the option wasnt there anymore. The worst part? Every time, the grief hits me hard all over again.”

‘Scott, a 30-year-old picture of health, was on the Treadmill before work. The cleaning lady found him.’: Woman loses Border Patrol Agent husband to sudden heart attack, finds new partner who allows me to love 2 men at the same time

“There’s been an accident. Silence. My doorbell rang. 6 uniformed agents were at my front door. Leave your daughter here, they will watch her, you need to come with me. I was hesitant, but sensed the urgency in their voices. No one knows how long he had been laying there. I froze. I kept thinking it was a joke. Scott was a huge prankster. I just kept hoping his eyes would open.”

‘You will never become anything,’ my doctor said. I was going stone-cold deaf. ‘What now?’: Woman loses hearing to infection, vows ‘deafness will not define me’

“As a young girl, there were signs. I literally danced to my own beat, mispronounced words. I spent years humiliated, called to stand up in front of classmates and speak the language I couldn’t hear. On one test in particular, I completely bombed the oral exam, tears streaming down. I thought you didn’t want to be labeled as different,’ my teacher said. That was the final straw.”

I was just pulled over, for no reason. He’s black, I’m white. My heart raced. We get the CRAZIEST looks.’: White woman dating black man says its an honor hed choose to be with me, it blows me away

“How many white women have you actually dated? I asked. None. That makes you like…a pioneer. lol. I read his response, a knot forming in my stomach. ‘Ive never really trusted or felt safe around white people. He’s HUGE, towering over my 5-foot figure. We get the CRAZIEST looks when we’re with our kids. His are biracial, my youngest is white white WHITE. I imagine people wondering if I cheated on him.

‘He said, Hey, I have herpes. Did you give it to me?’ Just like that. I played my part of perfect girlfriend.: Woman urges others to ‘listen to that voice inside’ after finally leaving abusive relationship

“The day of the funeral came. I smiled when people asked, When are you guys going to get married? I cringed at the thought. I checked his phone. Him: My mom left me a lot of money. Her: So? Him: Now we can be together. Her: What about HER (me), youre lying. Him: Lets run away together. I woke him up and asked him, What the hell is this?'”

‘Hey, I have something to show you.’ My grandpa pulled out a cup, her name still on it. It’s been 20 years.’: Grandpa surprises daughter with late grandmother’s keepsake, reminds us to ‘live in the joy of the present’

“This past Christmas, as I was writing everyone’s names on their red solo cups, my grandpa pulled me aside with a grin and reached into the top corner of a cabinet. ‘I dug it out of the trash after everyone left.’ He knew it would be the last time the love of his life celebrated Christmas. Make sure to send that text, make that call, go to that birthday party. Because, sometimes, we don’t know.”

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