Dad named me after one his ex-girlfriends. He kept it a secret from Mom for 30 years. I never knew.: Woman discovers lifelong memories from dads glory days after cancer diagnosis thanks to StoryWorth

Until my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, I thought I knew about all of his biggest adventures. He grew up in a dirt-floor cabin in Appalachia; he became friends with a burgeoning country music star when he climbed a fire escape into their recording studio. He built my childhood home with his bare hands. I started having him write down his stories in his hospital room. Once he started, he never wanted to stop.

‘You’re my mom,’ he said. WHAT? I gave birth to a GIRL. Second of all, my daughter died at birth. ‘Could it be?!’: Mom reunites with son 29 years after being told he ‘died at birth’

“As soon as I gave birth, my mother told the doctor, ‘Get the baby out of here! We’re not keeping it.’ That crushed my soul. I was 16 and never allowed to see my daughter. I overheard the nurse say severe infection. I cried even more. She didnt make it. 29 years later, after the birth and death of my daughter, I received an email on Deep in my heart, I knew. My mind was racing.”

Good thing you didnt get attached. He wasnt a puppy. Jensen was my child, my sweet baby. Ill always be attached.: Mother recalls rude comments shes heard since her son was stillborn, Do not compare anything to losing a child

Isnt it time for you to be moving on? No. I will never move on. My child died, its not like I lost an earring. You dont just pick up and move on to the next thing. God wanted him more. This did not comfort me. My doctor said this. He didnt call Jensen a him, he actually said, God wanted it more. My son is not an it.

‘It’ll just be a quick visit!’ It’snot your right to visit a new baby, it’sa privilege.’: New mom urges us to give women space post-birth, ‘labor is the most painful, mind-blowing experience’

“Your vagina and stomach are in a world of pain. More often than not, theres been a cut somewhere. You struggle to get comfortable in that hard hospital bed. You can barely sit, stand, lie down, or walk. A picture really is worth 1,000 words. This is me, roughly 24 hours after giving birth. I have no idea who took the picture, but you can tell how I feel just by looking at it.”

I need to talk to you guys. I just said, the brain. My husband was in shock, but I knew. We wouldn’t get our baby girl.: Mother loses twin daughter to anencephaly after birth, ‘My oldest gave me a lovey for her to take to heaven’

So Ill only have a baby brother?, my daughter asked, confused. I woke up at 5:24 that morning and went to check on her, in Matts arms. I was grateful it happened peacefully. I woke him up. Shes gone. We each held her, then one another, before calling the nurse in. We kissed her perfect little cheeks. Goodbye, sweet girl.

‘We keep pulling the sled, even when they don’t need it. We carry them when they can’t carry themselves.’: Mom pens sweet analogy to motherhood, ‘just keep pulling mama, even when the sled gets heavy’

“I went for a walk in the snow the other day. My children insisted they could walk themselves, that they didnt need the sled. But I pulled it anyway. After we walked a bit longer, they both grew tired and climbed in. Sometimes, they climbed out. But they always returned. And I always kept pulling. This is what motherhood is. We keep pulling the sled of support. Even when they dont need it, we are there to help them keep going.”

With perfect clarity, our 20-month-old looked up at us. I love you. It was a miracle days before he passed.: Father recalls tender moment son diagnosed with childhood cancer shocked parents, Those words are forever etched in my memory

A miracle came just days before he passed away. At just 20 months old, our son had only verbalized one word. Dog. Yet, he responded to my wife and I as we laid over his crib, tears falling from our cheeks, expressing our love for him. With absolute perfect clarity, our little boy looked up at us. I held him for the last time. I crave his smile. I miss seeing his eyes light up.

‘Are you bleeding?!’ I felt my husband’s chest rise. KNOCK, KNOCK. With each blow, I wanted to cry out.’: Family ‘in awe’ after railway staff’s acts of kindness for son with autism

“Ty threw his hands over his ears and started to rock back and forth, moaning. I shot up quickly. This was the start of a meltdown. I tried to get my son to his feet, but it was too late. Ty slid off the bench and onto the ground. I fell beside him, my heart aching. My son never cries, yet here he was, sobbing in front of his dream: the train.”

She is healthy and finally in my arms, thank God. Id be lying if I said I was okay at that moment. I wasnt.: Mom of rainbow baby kept pregnancy a secret as long as she could, feared losing pregnancy after miscarriage, I doubted everything

I needed to go in for surgery. This terrified me. I thought I could handle the pain I was wrong. I was in the bathtub. Tears flood my eyes. My daughter sat next to the tub, sharing blue raspberry Jell-O. Do you need to take a bath? I can eat Jell-O with you. She is the most caring, sweet, and loving 3-year-old. Finally, it was announced we had a girl, her cord was cut, and she was laid on my chest. I was still sure something bad was going to happen.

‘Will he text me back?!’ I found myself jealous of my single friend. The butterflies, first-date jitters? I miss that.’: Woman claims marital ‘intimacy’ takes on new meaning over time, ‘I feel a type of love I’ve never known’

“She was all nervous and excited, waiting for him to text her. I found myself feeling jealous. I came home to my kids not listening, my kitchen a mess, and my husband complaining, I thought you’d be back 20 minutes ago? I rolled my eyes at him and sat on the bed with laundry piles all around me. I sat there thinking, I miss those first dates.'”

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