‘Whatever. Clearly it’s the police officer’s fault.’ I crawled out the sunroof knowing my parents would murder me.’: Woman finds sobriety after 11 years of alcoholism, now ‘the person drunk me desperately wanted to be’

“Stressful day? Wine, please! Getting married? Drinks on me! Someone died? Dang, let me buy you a beer. Relationship problems? Shots! Sunday Funday. Manic Monday. Tipsy Tuesday. Whiskey Wednesday. Thirsty Thursday. 16 years old was the first of my many nights sleeping in a bathroom, remembering nothing. It didn’t stop for 11 years.”

‘The guy who brought me to the party passed out. I should have left him, but Im a loyal person. I fell asleep and was awoken by a mans body on top of mine. I couldnt move and yelled for help.’

“I remember telling my mom, I would die if something happened to you. She always reassured me, Im not going anywhere Erica. I whole-heartedly believed she would live forever. Then she started complaining of severe headaches. Selfishly, I thought, Well if God took my Grannie, he cant take my mom too.'”

My wife must regret spending her life with me. If she met someone different, shed have perfectly healthy children, I told myself. He is one of 34 people known to have this.’ My heart sank. What? In the country?No, in the world.

“I remember thinking, Maybe we just arent the best of parents. Little did I know my wife was secretly researching and had discovered a condition. One day, she showed me a video. My heart sunk. I felt dizzy. Straight away, I knew this was what our boy had.”

‘What did I do wrong to cause this sweet blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy to suffer like this? He woke up so smiley that morning. My husband and I were silent. Its time, the team said. The doors shut behind him.

“Ten minutes went by宇hen 30 宇hen 45. I was in a total panic. Instead of the screen showing he was waking up from anesthesia, it said he was still in the O.R. There was a look of concern in his surgeon’s eyes. ‘For some reason, half of his skull expanded faster than the other.'”

When I was 19 I woke up screaming in pain, as if I was in labor. Amillion knives were stabbing my stomach. I tried to get to the bathroom, but I couldnt stand. It became a regular occurrence.

“I was told it was ‘just the pill’ or ‘just a bad period’ and it was ‘nothing to worry about.’ One doctor told me it was ‘just arthritis’ in my back from being a dancer. Id never have another boyfriend because one guy had already gotten angry at me for bleeding on his bed sheets.”

‘I see you as an attractive woman, not my daughter.’ Then he said, ‘You’re the kind of woman I always wanted. If you weren’t my daughter I would marry you.’

“My father made me feel guilty about it. He said I would destroy our family. That he would get deported to Mexico and my family would lose everything we worked so hard for. He told me to say I made it up because I was a rebelling teenager angry at my father. So I lied to them, I told them exactly what he told me to say.”

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