‘My doctor told my 12-year-old self I’d still have children, but since I was so young, she never went into details. Your doctors never cleaned out your abdomen in surgery,’ I learned.I was betrayed.’: Woman shocked by surprise pregnancy after childhood medical issues

“The receptionist sounded confused.You already have an appointment scheduled for today. Its your post-operation check. How did the surgery go? Chills went down my spine. I asked her to keep theappointment, but change it to pregnancy confirmation. I can’t believe this.”

She wont make it through the night, the doctor said. Minutes from dying, she turned to me. Mom, I can do this!’: Girl contracts Necrotizing Fasciitis, continues passion for dance as amputee

“Think she just had the flu, we took her to the hospital. The infection spread throughout her tiny body. She woke in a coma, her entire body wrapped in white gauze. A competitive dancer, she assured us, ‘Mom, I am going to dance again!’ We told the doctor, Do anything you have to in order to save our baby girl!”

‘He opened his eyes, and held my hand. I love you too, but this is ridiculous. He proceeded to remove his oxygen mask. It was such a Dan thing to do, to choose his time.’: Woman loses her husband to cancer

“How did you meet Becca? I was sitting with my nose in a book when he plopped himself down. Hi, my name is Dan, he said, matter-of-factly.I will never forget that night. Little did I know hed become my future husband. He passed away just 16 days after we said ‘I do.'”

‘I’venever had real parents before. I’vewaited my entire life to be treated the way yall treat me.’: Couple adopts 18-year-old who was ‘abandoned by his birth mother with no name’

“So you are the people that want teenagers… are you crazy? I said, Something like that. She replied, Well, I got a phone call in your driveway for a 16-year-old male who needs a home by tonight. I told her, Bring him home. My husband looked at me like I was crazy. But he agreed. Shes right, bring him home.”

‘I knew it was over. Hefelt the weight of not being true to himself as gay. We were entering unchartedterritory – co-parenting.’: Couple learns to co-parent peacefully

“I got off the phone devastated. Bawling. I felt like a failure. Losing a partnership like that, a friendship, felt like death. I began to picture all the holidays – separated as a family, and the awkward meet ups to switch the kids on our given days. I pictured being cold and disrespectful to other. It was the most painful things I could imagine.”

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