‘Mom, I made a mistake.’ My boyfriend left me on the side of the road, a burning sensation on my face.’: Young woman escapes abuser, ‘I only survived for my child, but now I survive for myself’

“While I was asleep, he took my phone and began browsing through my messages. I awoke to his voice. Who is this guy youve been texting? He looked angry. Thats just my friend, I explained. Well, dont text back. Youre flirting with him by texting back. I tried once more to defend myself, but ended up pinned down for hours while I sobbed and begged for him to let me go.”

Zane got a call from a fellow soldier. He knew a young woman who was expecting a baby. She wanted a loving family for him. We might be getting a baby! I was stunned, ecstatic, and terrified.

The day finally arrived. The doctor opened the door, popped his head in and said, How about Monday? I glanced over to see her expression. Sounds good! On the inside I was doing a full-blown happy dance. My thoughts were screaming, That’s MY birthday!!! His birthday is going to be MY birthday!

‘My psychologist said, K, I think we need to stop. It’s clear you have so much trauma. I cant believe youre still here.’: Woman advocates for mental health, ‘We need to be there for each other’

“I was on a bus to work when the voice came back: You should just cut yourself.’It startled me. Then the nightmares started.I met my psychologist, a male. I told him about the stalking. I told him I watched my friend attempt suicide many times in front of me and saw death coming for her.”

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