I easily doubled the speed limit. Were gonna make it buddy. Youre gonna be okay. Mommy loves you. I talked to him the whole way.’: Mom recounts sons horrible experience with RSV

“I thought, Hey, these ladies are kind of doctors, theyll know what to do. I asked their advice. Does he seem sick? Should I bring him in? The doctor had JUST examined him. The women wholeheartedly agreed it was probably just a cold and hed be just fine. Oh naive me. I would slap the stupid out of me if I could go back.”

Im ok mom, I love you too, was the last thing he said to me. That was 10:20 on Saturday night.: Mother tragically loses her best friend son to heroin overdose

“He always answered my calls. But on Sunday morning, he didn’t. And I just knew he was gone. The only way I can explain this pain is that every cell in my body that created my son is on fire yearning to hold him again. Its a physical pain only a mother would know. Its in my bone marrow. Just a deep yearning to touch him, and hold him.

I stood beside her while she birthed my son. It’s not lost on us she broke her own heart to complete ours.: Family adopts child from biological mother they met that day

You can touch him if you want.’ I could not believe the strength she had. Not only the strength to push out an almost 10-pound baby, but the strength to watch as that baby was placed into my arms, wheeled out of her room, and into the room where my husband waited. We are holding the child she delivered and calling him our son.

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