Is he a drug baby? I heard the whispers. Youre making a huge mistake.: Southern woman adopts African American child in little town known for racial divides, aims to break stigmas

On a holiday weekend, we received a call. A baby boy is in the hospital and needs a home. I was scared to say yes. Just 3 hours later, a car pulled in our driveway with a 6-pound, 3-day old, baby boy. Time stood still. She handed him to me with two Walmart bags of random items, some paperwork and wished us well. We had no idea what the future would hold. Everything about this decision looked crazy to most people – even us.”

‘Its not that you hate people or youre shy. You just need alone time to charge your battery. I promise, I get it.’: Mom ‘appreciative’ of introvert daughter, ‘I’ve got your back this holiday season’

“The holidays just started. Soon, relatives you dont know will be asking what grade youre in, how your love life is going, and what youre planning to do with your future thats exciting and financially viable. I know social events can be uncomfortable and draining for you. But being an introvert is not a flaw that needs fixing. It’s part of your uniqueness.I’ve got your back this holiday season.”

I wasn’t thankful last night. I can be a real witch at bedtime. It saddens so much to admit that.: Mom upset, frustrated kids climb in bed with her at night, I threw in the towel

Well call bedtime rest, because it sure as hell isn’t a good night’s sleep. So, when one of my kids can’t fall asleep, it freakin’ frustrates the heck out of me. Then I feel guilty because my poor child is frustrated she can’t sleep, and here I am, making it worse by getting upset with her. I wasn’t thankful last night. Nope. But then she puts her head on my chest.

‘No Jessica, YOU are his mom. I only carried him. I became a mom in a courtroom.’: Woman ‘forever grateful’ for bio mom who made her a mother, ‘My son didn’t to my heartbeat from inside my womb, but he’s laid on my chest every day since 3 days old’

“Walking in the courtroom, there were 12 other families waiting with the same excitement. Some with matching shirts, letterboards, signs, all to commemorate their special day. The judge, dressed as Woody from Toy Story, walks in to officially kick off the festivities. You understand this is a permanent proceeding. He would be yours as if he were born to you?, he asked. I couldnt hold back the tears any longer.”

‘My 4-year-old had a rough week. He’s been acting ‘off.’ Anxiety and depression dont care if youre 5, 25, or 65.’: Mom gives son mental health day, ‘kids are never too young to talk about their struggles’

“Today, my son crawled onto my lap and started whining. I told him to use his words. At that exact moment, I realized I haven’t been using mine. This week, I forgot to ask him if he was okay. Instead, I yelled, was less patient. I said I cant play, mommys busy! a lot. So, I made him feel special. His smile was instant.”

Dad can I have 3 dollars? My friend needs a chest binder and his parents aren’t supportive. My son came out as Trans at 11.: Father embraces transgender sons new boyfriend, lifestyle, our job is to love the kids we are given

There are days I’m so tired and weak I can’t help but cry. I carry a lot of weight for my kid, in support of who he is now. We have something super awkward to talk about. Okay, what is it? I know you’re in middle school now. Sometimes sex is a thing with kids that age. But I’m worried about it, and want you to wait. I don’t want you to experience sex for the first time as the wrong gender and have it hurt you. He’s dealing with a lot. Much more than I ever did as a 12-year-old.

‘I’m thankful for the way you take care of us. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found you.’: Woman pens emotional tribute to ‘absolute gem’ husband, ‘I thank God for you every day’

“Im thankful for every time you rub my back until I fall asleep at night. For every time our kids eyes light up when you walk through the door. The way you protect and provide for our family. Thank you for every giggle, every touch, every heart emoji you send. For everything that makes me feel safe in a world full of worries. I thank God for you every day.”

Bobbie, this is the key to good mashed potatoes. Grandma died 24 years ago. I still use her mixer.: Woman remembers whats really important at Thanksgiving, They were perfect, and we werent looking at Pinterest

I found a find a checklist on Pinterest. How to Host the Perfect Thanksgiving. Well, it seems I’m already 3 weeks behind. Clean your refrigerator, clean your oven, empty your coat closets. Im setting out bowls, getting extra chairs, making sure my cabinets wont be an embarrassment, when I see the most important part of this holiday.”

‘I wear lots of ‘hats.’ I’m a mom, wife, boss. You’re allowed to say F it and throw them up in the air for the day.’: Woman urges us to let our guard down, ‘don’t hold it together for everyone else’s sake’

“I’m a wife that loves and supports her husband in anything he does. A mom who can heal boo boos with a kiss and turn a frown upside down. A boss who has to make the tough calls and not loose her mind when sh*t hits the fan. When life gets overwhelming, it’s okay to let your guard down. Throw one of those ‘hats’ up in the air for the day. Just be sure to catch it and try again tomorrow.”

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