‘I’ll catch you.’ My husband was chasing me. It was 28 degrees outside. I ran 2 miles, barefoot, to the police station, for my life.: Mother finds courage to leave abusive husband after realizing this is not love

The next morning, I tried to sit up, and thats when I knew something had happened. My husband was sleeping like a baby next to me but his knuckles looked bruised and swollen. I scanned the room for my phone, and noticed it placed neatly on his bedside table… only mine was smashed beyond repair.

‘That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.’ Sharing twin bump photos was my first shock. Then the babies actually arrived.’: Mom embraces postpartum belly after twins, encourages us to ‘love ourselves’ no matter our size or shape

“My husband was on military duty, and I was all alone. He’d joked with me the weeks before that I was definitely having twins because I was already showing, and he was right. My body was and is completely different. I have these 2 new precious lives, but also this brand-new belly, stretch marks, and lose skin. As a fitness trainer, I no longer fit the part with chiseled abs and a six pack.”

I got on the bus. 3 boys yelled at me, Hey white boy! Mom, I was nervous.’ After all, I was the only white boy on the bus. They asked if I use the N-word. ‘No, my Stepdad is black. Hes my family.’: Mom of autistic son finds new love

“Austin, my son with autism, asked him, Have you killed anyone in a war? I quickly tried to hush him up. He looked at Austin and said, No, but I know bullets can kill. Austin looked perplexed. Do you like video games? Yes, I love video games. Austin smiled from ear to ear.”

These people were our friends. I couldnt wrap my head around someone wanting to hurt my son.: Daycare teachers husband abuses little boy, mom says shes extremely grateful her son lived

I thought Id pop in and check on my son. My child is a happy child and lights up when he sees me. I got there and he was asleep on the couch. I tried waking him up and he would barely open his eyes. knew something was wrong. When I began examining his head, I noticed it was swollen. Richard said my son fell off a rocking chair, but that my son was acting fine so he didnt call me.

‘It was happening all over again. My husband kissed me. ‘I love you.’ We had one egg left. The last thing I remember was tears falling as they put a mask on my face.’: Couple battling infertility says ‘You are never gonna keep us down’

“I woke up 15 minutes later, still delirious when my doctor opened the door. I sat in silence. Click…click…click. The silence continued. I knew something wasn’t right. I put one arm on his back and one over my eyes and began to sob. I am a ‘fixer’ and I couldn’t fix this.”

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