‘They tell you to hold the baby. They tell you to forget about your to-do list, because that sweet, little babe is so worth snuggling. And you forget to hold the baby.’: Mom urges to ‘let everything else fall by the wayside’ because nothing is more important

“But they fail to mention how that baby grows. That little one who once rested so perfectly upon your chest doesnt fit there quite so well anymore. And you forget to hold the baby. But that babe, your growing babe, still needs you.”

‘From the bathroom all he heard was, BABE?! Just 2 weeks after meeting the birth mom, we found out we were pregnant. I was actually mad. God why NOW?’: Couple gets pregnant when least expecting it, has beautiful open adoption

“I had a missed call. My husband then got a call. We looked at each other… Answer it! Louis, are you with Audrey? Yes, she can hear you. The words she spoke stopped time for me. Everything she said next was hard to process. I was shocked. It all felt right. We felt a calmness that cant be explained.”

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