I mustered up courage to ask where he was on 9/11. ‘The 47th floor of the North Tower’, the museum worker said.: Young womans chance encounter with September 11 survivor makes her proud to be an American

“We were near the 9/11 Memorial entrance. It was POURING rain. ‘You guys come with me.’ He escorted us past the long line, past the police officers, and told the security guards, ‘These are my two friends, let them in.’ Before he left, he told us to look for him in the museum; we would find his picture and the watch he wore that fateful day. Sure enough, we did.

No really, its yours. Your dad gave it to me for you. My dad had been dead 9 years. I was shaking.: Marine son receives wedding gift from father in heaven to ‘protect’ him

Id never seen it before. It was nice. Well, its for you色 I didnt understand. My dad had been dead for almost 9 years. Theres no way this was from him. When he was still in the Marine Corps, hed met with my dad. At this point, I couldnt see, silently crying. This mustve happened before I even graduated high school.

‘Our eyes met. They were her begging eyes. Eyes that said, Help me Mama.: Woman devastated after losing her beloved dog, ‘My heart just wasn’t ready’

“Today was a day Ive been dreading. Weve known the end was coming, but didnt want it to come so fast. Just an hour after this picture, Chloe was gone. For the first time, she wasnt here. When the kids came home from school, Wyatt asked where she was. All I could do was shake my head trying to keep my composure. It hadnt clicked with them yet. My daughter asked if she could give Chloe another treat. We had to explain she couldnt have treats anymore, she wasnt here.”

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