‘It snapped me awake. What I thought was snoring, was actually the death rattle.’: Woman remarries after high school sweethearts sudden death, creates big, blended family with new husband, ‘I love my husband’s ex-wife’

“I found myself breaking my set of rules with him right away. I never got in a car with someone. I went for a drive with him on the first date, to the middle of nowhere, to look for owls. I told him to invite Meredith (his ex) over for Christmas morning. He was confused. I love my husbands ex-wife.

‘Are you okay?’ I was visibly a junkie. This man took me to his home where his girlfriend was waiting.’: Woman reminisces on stranger’s ‘beautiful act of kindness’ during active addiction

“I used to sleep under this bridge. One day, at a gas station, I was visibly bleeding from a fight. This woman gently dressed my wounds. They gave me clothes, a soda, and a sandwich. I was literally too hungry to play shy, so I scarfed it down and chugged until I hiccuped. In that moment of pure desperation, they breathed life back into me.”

Umm, Im 32, DIVORCED WITH TWO KIDS. He said, Yeah, we need your consent.’ ‘Yes, I CONSENT!: Divorced single mom adopted at 32, I wonder if theyre tired of me. I felt like it was too good to be true’

I ran away from home. I was hiding in a strangers garage while my mom and police looked for me. I used a strangers phone to call The Pates. ‘I cant go home, can you help me? I feared my mother. The next day she drove me to their house, dumped my belongings at the bottom of their driveway, and left. So, at the age of 32, I was adopted. I got a new birth certificate and everything.”

‘At 13, there was blood on the counter, a strange calm on my mom’s face. She tried to get help.’: Woman candidly shares effects of mother’s suicide, reminds us ‘healing comes in waves’

“I’ve been to my mom’s grave twice. In 20 years. You won’t find a single photo of her in my home. I know this wasn’t her fault. It doesn’t change the effects her illnesses have had on me. None of it changes that her 60th birthday is not a birthday at all, because she is dead. I want to honor her, I really do. But I can’t face the woman who tried to break me.”

How can you allow a dead baby to stay inside you? Because its my baby.’ I’m keeping her safe.’: Mom suffers multiple miscarriages, loss of twin, says ‘to me, every child matters’

“We rushed to the doctor. I was sadly met with little concern. There is nothing we can do. Let nature take its course, what will be, will be! I chose the natural route. I wanted to keep her with me for as long as possible. A scan showed the baby had grown further, but her heart remained still. No Zoe, sadly your baby hasnt miraculously come back to life. Yes, we know you had hoped it would happen.”

I wanted to tell you, we’ll be naming him after you. He replied, Really?!: Woman tells firefighter who saved her life 21 years ago shes naming unborn child after him, I cant wait for them to meet’

The roomfilled with smoke.MOVE AWAY FROM THE DOOR. I saw a very dim light. If you can see me, come towards the light. I passed out.Hecontacted meon the 17-year anniversary of the fire. At first, I thought it was a scam. Hi Vanessa, this is the firefighter from17 years ago. I think about you often. We owe our lives to him. I had to let him know our big news. Im pregnant with a son, and hell soon have a namesake.

‘I never got to see your face, but I’m still your mother. I loved you the moment I saw those 2 pink lines.’: Mom pens heartbreaking letter to child lost, ‘I hope you feel us, we’ll never stop loving you’

“I was never able to wrap you in a blanket and breathe you in. I’ll never comfort you when youre sad, scared, or hurt. But I carried you. I knew you. And when I began losing you, when you started to leave my body much too early, a part of me went with you. I hope you know you would have fit right in with us. I hope you feel us. Because we will never stop loving you.”

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