‘Why doesn’t she leave?’ She thinks if she just tries harder, if she’s a better wife and mom, he wouldn’t get so angry.’: Domestic abuse survivor pens PSA, ‘we need your love, not judgement’

“He has threatened to tell the judge she is a bad mom and will take away her kids. He has taken away her money and convinced her she cannot make it on her own. He has told her if she tries, he will kill her or her family. He has brainwashed her to think it’s all her fault.”

I knew something was wrong just by looking at him. Its not a blood clot. You have a 5-inch mass in between your heart and your lungs.: Woman diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma fights to live for her daughter, Im too young to die. I have a 3-year-old daughter who needs her mom.

My first symptom hit like a ton of bricks. I felt heaviness in my chest I couldnt explain. We had to run to catch our connecting flight. This is the exact moment I knew. I could not run. I WANTED to, but my body wouldnt let me. I ate well and exercised often, so I knew something was very, very wrong. My friends said it sounded like I was having an anxiety attack. Im only 32 years old. How can this happen?’ Our lives changed forever.

Is there something wrong with her head? Matt insisted on an answer. He bowed his head in prayer. I held his hand tight.: Mom loses daughter to anencephaly, Rachel made me a better person. She is safe and I will see her again.

Shes going to live, right? The doctor looked at me and said words I will never forget These babies dont live. She handed me a box of rough, thin tissues and left the room. I completely lost all composure and thrashed around that room like I myself was being killed. Not my girl not my girl色 I asked Matt, What are we going to do? Without a pause, my brave husband said, Were going to give her a name.

‘I kept crying out, ‘Please wait! It’s too early!’ I was 19, pregnant with quadruplets. My water broke at just 24 weeks and wouldn’t stop.’: Teen mom births miracle micro-preeme after losing 3 of her quadruplets

“I stopped feelingmy girls move. I lifted my shirt over my baby bump. I could see the ultrasound as the tech moved the wand around. I knew immediately something was wrong. I started to cry to my fianc矇. I cant lose my babies. I cant. The words were burned into me, Babies B and C no longer have heartbeats. My cervix was giving out. What else could go wrong?, I asked. I had to stay strong so my survivor could have a chance.”

‘Wen, we’d like to adopt you.’ My body was burned and abandoned on a doorstep. I was given a second chance at life.’: Burn survivor adopted from foster care system, ‘I’m so lucky to be alive and in a loving family!’

“It all started with a fire. My biological parents had bills to pay. They gave me up, knowing they may never see me again. A family reached out. I had no idea what adoption was. They didnt look like me or talk like me. Why were they handing me gifts? Why were my foster parents crying? I didnt know what was happening. How could I? I was only 6. Soon, I was taken away. Little did I know that plane ride would change my life forever. I was halfway across the world.”

‘I miss you already, my baby. You used to need me so much. I cherish the times I was the one to feed you, hold you, calm you. Time is a funny thing.’: Mom warns ‘it goes by so fast’

“So tonight, while you were sleeping, I went to your room and counted your freckles. I gently tangled my fingers in your curls. I listened to you breathe. I sat beside your bed and tried to meet you in your dreams. We laughed and sang in silly voices until it was time for me to go to my own room. I whispered, ‘I love you,’ in your ear. I knew from the beginning you were going to grow. I had no idea how it would simultaneously rip me to pieces.”

‘Please God, give her back! We already knew, shes gone. I was weak from grief.: Mom recalls loss of daughter, uses music to keep her memory alive, No matter what Im singing, I know shes there, because she is my song

“It was just me and Alice at the hospital. There was a soft glow from the bathroom, the door barely cracked. She laid on my chest, we were just there together, soaking each other in. Time stood still. She was so feminine, petite. I say, ‘I know whenever I sing, you are there,’ and I truly mean it. It’s as if I am sharing my beautiful, perfect daughter, and that brings me joy. I would find her singing to herself in her bed. I knew we would be connected through music forever.

‘Hey, you look swollen by your collarbone,’ my coworker stopped me. I groaned. I had a huge trip planned. The pain skyrocketed.: Young woman lives with a chronic desmoid tumor, advocates so her struggles can become guidance for someone else

My diagnosis began in a yoga studio. I noticed something was wrong when I couldnt hold my balance easily. I developed a tight pinching and dull ache in my right shoulder. As I came out from anesthesia, my mom asked the doctor how it went. ‘Well, confusing,’ he replied. The cause of your swelling and pain remains a mystery.’ I was stunned. I ended up in a surgeons office. This is suspicious for a sarcoma.’ I had to interrupt. ‘Im sorry, you said sarcoma? Do you mean I have cancer?’ I stammered in disbelief.

‘I’m having a hard time finding the baby’s head,’ the doctor said. ‘Were you bit by a mosquito during pregnancy?’: Mom births miracle baby with microcephaly, ‘He brings us endless joy!’

“I went for my routine check-up with my OB. The vibe of the room felt off. My doctor asked, ‘Have you been out of the country while pregnant?’ So many questions went through my head all at once. Is my baby alive? Is he okay? How’s his head? How many fingers and toes does he have? I was already in love with him, but so scared. And then I felt it. ‘This baby isn’t going anywhere.'”

You are GOOD FOR NOTHING! I sat in the bathroom, crying, asking, Please, send me a new dad. Please!: Young man creates his own adopted family after surviving traumatic childhood, We may not have the same bloodline, but they gave me life

My dad was the disciplinarian at home. DO NOT MAKE DAD ANGRY. I dont remember hearing I love you. From my dad. Ever. He was brought up in the traditional macho way. Hed constantly tell me, I had it MUCH worse than you growing up! But then something really weird began to happen at school – it made me feel warm and fuzzy. I was validated and encouraged by teachers. Wait, what? A hurricane of hormones was wreaking havoc on me. I was an angry teen who needed to fill the hole in my heart.

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