I fed him the F word. Yes, formula. To some, feeding your baby the F word is worse than putting them forward-facing in a car seat.: Mother admits she hated breastfeeding after trying every remedy for newborn diagnosed with failure to thrive

“I had tried 13 different bottles at this point. I walked around with the nipples of each bottle in my bra all day long, so they would get my scent on them. Friends tried. My husband tried. But the boy just wanted my boob. The doctors advice? Feed every 2 hours. Tell this to an already sleep-deprived mom whose baby was being passed around from specialist to specialist like a hot potato.”

‘I was a teen at a nightclub. I lied. I got scouted, but there was a catch. He needed $3,000 for the lessons.: Daughter reconciles with addict mom after being signed over to the government as a child, living in 11 foster homes

“I saw my mom inject heroin. When the social workers came, I would hide all her needles. I didnt want to be labeled the foster child at school. When I turned 12, only 2 couples came forward wanting to adopt me. I felt like I was betraying my mom. I no longer wanted to be here, and inhaled poisonous fumes. But now I know why I’ve had this life.”

An elderly woman behind us said, hes beautiful. We both responded with a resounding, Thank you!: Adoptive mom says her sons 17-year-old birth mother was her saving grace, shell forever be in awe of her

“She was innocently attempting to make sense of us 3. I followed up quickly. I had nothing to do with it, I said, winking at the mother of my child. Nicole, his birth mom, responded with her trademark wisdom. Ill take credit for his good looks, she whispered. You can take credit for his smile.

I was 32 when my husband suddenly died. I wanted to have children with him. Being without him is terrifying.: Widow finds the beautiful balance of life after loss with 2-year-old son

A counselor I met with looked at me and asked this simple question. Would Albert want you to grieve with fear, or grieve with hope? I immediately knew the answer. As I sat there on the couch, tears streaming down my face, I knew I needed to live. Just because Albert died, doesnt mean I have to as well. That would be the last thing he would want me to do.

This is when my daughter is most beautiful, covered in layers of extra skin. Celebrate her, instead of giving me pity.: Mom of daughter with Harlequin Ichthyosis wishes people would stare at her beauty instead of hiding their stares

I remember vividly the first time Anna opened her eyes. She stared with such intent that I couldnt bring myself to look away. The swelling from her eye lids had finally gone, and she opened her eyes and stared directly at me. I get mesmerized by the beauty in her skin. I know she was made for something special.

Call the attorney. Tell her you changed your mind, he said with gun-in-hand. I was breathless.: Husband adopts formerly abused wifes adult sons after their biological father dies from addiction

“I got a call that my 3-year-old had been left at Disney daycare at 2 a.m. The daycare worker called the police. My husband was a master manipulator. This was the last straw. We fled to another state. One night, I got a knock on my apartment door. The door NO ONE knew where I was. My ex was released from jail 2 days prior. With every being in my bones, I knew it was him.

‘I went home after my son’s transplant, only to receive an angry letter about the ‘eyesore’ exterior of my home.’: Woman’s son diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, community unites to clean her home in wake of insensitive complaint

“My son kept holding his right side and screaming. They told me he was ‘just constipated’. ‘Constipation shouldn’t be making him scream.’ They thought I was some crazy helicopter mom. The doctor’s response? ‘Well, if it was real pain, you holding and consoling him wouldn’t be making him feel better like it is now.’ Boy, was she wrong. I could feel in my spirit something was wrong with my baby boy.”

I started to panic. I told my friend we were having this child regardless. Would you really?, she responded.: Mom grateful for taking the scenic route with son diagnosed with Down syndrome

I was home alone. I completely broke down after this phone call. A part of me believed he didnt have it. Maybe a part of me just wished he didnt have it. Look at him, my husband told me. Think of how hard he fought to be here. He is the best thing to ever happen to us, and we have this under control. As long as we all had each other, we would live the best life and I believed him.

‘I was vomiting. My doctor said it was because I was ‘promiscuous’. Others said it was from grief, after my mom hung herself.’: Woman with chronic illness says pain ‘robbed her of so much,’ but won’t rob her ‘passion for living’

“The pain got so bad. I pulled over on the side of the freeway and called my dad, begging him to come get me. I became confused, disoriented. I remember thinking I could understand why my mother took her own life. It made me realize I either had to fight for my own health, or continue to fade away. I had to be stronger than my mom was. I couldn’t stop fighting.”

How blessed are we that I got pregnant?! I wouldve never known I had a tumor if it werent for the baby. I felt fine.’: Mom-to-be learns of cancer diagnosis thanks to surprise pregnancy

This photo was taken 5 minutes before the doctor told me my tumor was cancerous. At our first ultrasound, my doctor found a baseball size tumor on my ovary. She thought it was benign, but couldnt tell me without biopsy. They dont do that to pregnant women. So I have to wait 9 months to find out if this thing is benign or cancerous?! My mind was racing. This little miracle inside me saved me from letting cancer go further.

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