How a stranger reminded me that raising little ones is magical

I didnt notice her at first. It was Saturday morning at McDonalds. I was in the midst of cutting up pancakes, getting straws in milk and generally trying to keep our three sons quiet and (somewhat) under control. And, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a woman, gazing at our table. Her …

‘My lung function dropped. ‘You can do this. Please hold on, this will end.’ Two strangers became the most important people in my life.’: 23-year-old bravely details donor journey through cystic fibrosis

“My body became extremely frail as I continually lost weight. I was relying on a feeding tube for my nutrition because I was too sick to eat. My breaths became so shallow to the point where I was totally bedridden, gasping for air day in and day out. My anxiety increased to an entirely different level.”

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