What happened, buddy? What happened? I laid down next to him, held his hand. An eerie calm came over me.: Father pleads hug your kids, dont work too late after regretting missing out on things with twin son who suddenly died in his sleep

The evening before was normal. He was healthy and engaged. We had kids over for dinner. We all jumped on the giant trampoline. He got bossy with the other kids and started telling everyone they were playing the game wrong. I pulled him aside. I was stern with him. Too stern in hindsight. And I made him cry. Its one of the last interactions we had, and Ive beaten myself up for it. I can still see the tears rolling down his face. But youre not listening to me. No one listens to me.

I cant see him like this, Mom. Take me home. I laid my head on his chest, sobbing. Chase, I love you so much.’: Wife’s ‘life altering’ journey since husband suddenly died in his sleep

“I remember walking in the house at 4:15 a.m. with the most empty feeling I had ever felt. I knew our son would be waking in a few short hours and I wasnt ready to face reality so soon. I went to our bathroom, filled up the tub, and sat in a hot bath as I cried the little tears I had left. Then I went to Chases closet, pulled out his favorite sweats and a big oversized sweater and crawled into bed with his pillow. The sheets and everything smelled like him, and right then and there, I didnt want to wake up.”

Holy crap! Babe! They want us to adopt the baby! They want us to be parents!, I screamed. Wait! REALLY?!: Couple adopts child unexpectedly, says families DONT have to match! They are built on LOVE!

I raced to my moms house. They’d just gotten back from the cruise so I could finally share the good news. YOURE GOING TO BE A GRANDMA! My husband and I went to the hospital to meet our son for the very first time. We were greeted by security. I need your IDs. Where are you folks headed?, he asked. Were going to the NICU to see our son!, Jarvis said proudly. We literally became parents overnight. Families DONT have to match! They are built on LOVE!

‘Yes, Lizzie. It’s true.’ I fell to the floor, grabbing at the carpet. ‘My brother is dead,’ I screamed through loud sobs.’: Woman loses little brother to Fentanyl-Laced Heroin on Christmas day, now uses grief to ‘create change’

“It was Christmas Day. A friend of mine randomly sent me this message: ‘I’m so sorry to hear about Randy. God Bless you guys.’ I had no clue what he was talking about. I quickly went to my brothers Facebook page and saw RIP’ and Rest Easy’ over and over again. I found out my brother was dead from a Facebook message.”

Never in a million years did I think Id get cancer, much less BREAST cancer.: Male breast cancer survivor urges men to get checked out if they notice something out of the ordinary’

“One night after I got home from the gym, I felt a tiny lump the size of a dime on my right nipple. Like most men, I assumed it was a cyst or ingrown hair. My wife pushed to get it checked out. Lo and behold, I was drinking my morning cup of coffee, still in my PJs and trying to wake up, when I got a call. ‘Michael, our biopsy results came back and you have cancer.’ I went to work that day looking like someone walked over my grave.”

Meg its not good, Travis has been in a bad accident. A wave of heat flushed through my body. I shouldve never left.: Wife recalls total accident that took husbands life after good Samaritan tried to help in blizzard

I had gotten a cold and he told me, I need you to take care of yourself sweetheart, I need you for this adventure. Shortly after we hung up I sent him a text, which I found out was moments before the accident. I asked him, Do you know how much I love you? He never got to read it.

‘You know this isn’t a bad boob job, right?’ In my bikini top, women erupted in laughter at my cancer scars.’: Woman beats breast cancer, new symptoms dismissed as ‘overreacting’ turn out to be colon cancer

“I felt so embarrassed. I wanted to tell them how torn I was making the decision to remove my breasts in my 20s. How I couldn’t stand sitting in the waiting room with crying women in gowns. How I couldn’t even had sex with my husband because I was so afraid he’d think I was disgusting. As we were leaving, my father-in-law told them they should mind their own business. Not one of them said anything.”

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