My grandpa doesnt recognize the woman hes spent 70 years with. She still loves him unconditionally.: Granddaughter captures pure love between her grandparents, despite devastating Alzheimers diagnosis

All my life, even now, I have never been around them when they werent holding each others hand. The pure love in his eyes when he looks at her is the kind of love everyone dreams of experiencing. For some people, a nursing home is the best option for their loved one with Alzheimers, but theres no way my grandma would ever let that happen. Shes determined to take care of her best friend.

There is no medication to help his PTSD like having his son take our last name.: Thrilled toddler yells Dad! after adoption decree is announced

Tyler and I met before his deployment to Afghanistan. We knew it would be hard, but we also knew it would strengthen our relationship. He was deployed for 9 months, and one month after he got home, he proposed. We tried for years to get pregnant but came to realize it wasnt going to happen. Because of the health battles weve both been given, we werent the type of people to just ‘throw in the towel’ and let our dreams of becoming parents get shattered.

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