‘She is simply too complicated.’ They didn’t see me as a little girl anymore. I was nothing but a body.: Childhood leukemia survivors most important lesson, Emotions are meant to be felt

“I made a promise to myself. If I was cleared from having the chance of developing a second cancer, I’d get a tattoo. I met a lady who asked me a question that changed my life and perspective forever. Why are you the way that you are? she asked. From then on, we became connected by the heart. We were able to help heal each other.”

‘I could feel her dark, navy lips saying, ‘Hi, Momma! I miss you! I couldnt feel anything but the the weight of her dead body.: Woman grieves 2-year anniversary of daughters death, Grief will forever be part of our family’

Grief looks like walking around Hobby Lobby with a beautiful, happy baby boy and tears running down my cheeks. How do you even pick flowers for your daughter’s grave? Can anything I buy show how much I love and miss her? My rainbow baby is making the cashier laugh. I wonder what she thinks I’m buying the flowers for, and if she can feel the grief roll off of me.

‘Cant you control him?’ People mistake his disabilities for a naughty child.: Mom shares autistic son with global developmental delay, We celebrate every little milestone like it’s a lottery win

We waited for his buggy. We had to walk through passport control with him biting, hitting, and screaming as he does when hes upset. On the plane, he was upset and screaming. We had comments like, Should have brought my headphones. He is, in fact, disabled and not just being naughty.

‘I love my kids, but I don’t miss them when I get a break. I look forward to it.’: Mom says ‘loving time without your kids doesnt make you a horrible mother, it makes you human’

“I went out with a friend last weekend for a late dinner. When I arrived, she asked where my kids were. ‘Oh, theyre at their grandparents for the night.’ And she said, ‘Oh, that must be hard, you must miss them!’ I thought to myself, ‘Not really!’ Its important for me to remind myself that I am a person. I am not just ‘mom.’ I am so much more.”

‘Thats what maternity leave is. Take care of the baby. You dont deserve a break. He threatened to kill me.: Mom escapes abusive husband, mother-in-law to find love again, Never give up on love, no matter how bad youve been burned

My mother-in-law made sure to start voicing her opinions. ‘You dont need nice furniture in your apartment. I never had nice things. And why are you living together before youre married?’ This was coming from the same woman who had a child at 15, unmarried. I grew accustomed to expecting to hear these kinds of things every time I saw her. All I wanted was some help taking care of the baby.

‘It is so unlikely, you have better odds at winning the lotto.’ Before the tests came back, I knew something was wrong.: Twins battle Leukemia together, ‘Id be a liar if I said it gets easier, you just get better at dealing with it’

We woke to my son crying and covered in vomit. The next day, his brother was the same and couldnt keep anything down. We thought it was a stomach bug, but it kept happening. ‘Both your boys have leukemia.’ It felt like being stuck in some kind of messed up Groundhog Day where all your nightmares are real. I felt helpless.”

‘I was 14 and pregnant. ‘Would you be willing to meet?’ 9 years after she was born, my birth daughter’s family encouraged her to hug me. I didn’t want to let go.’: Woman shares perspective as an adopted child, birth mom, and adoptive mom

“I chose an amazing woman to be the mother of the child I birthed. And yet, I no longer knew how to approach her. Nine years after placing my daughter the adoption agency called me with news that would change the rest of my life. My birth daughters family had contacted them to see if I would be willing to meet.”

‘I’m tired or vibrant. I’m drinking water or in the drive-thru with a Coke. I wake with the sun and get everything done or Im coasting till bedtime.’: Woman admits ‘I often wake up wondering which side of the line Ill fall on today’

“Im either an hour into the elliptical or Im halfway through a bag of Doritos. Im either a mom with a bath/book/bedtime routine, or a mom locked in the bathroom hoping theyll soon fall asleep. Im always thinking of all the good things, or sometimes its just pure worry. I often wake up wondering which side of the line Ill fall on today.”

‘He’s a different kind of boy. He watches musicals, not football. He’s a rule follower, almost to a fault. He’s not ‘boy’ enough for the boys, and not ‘girl’ enough for the girls.’: Mom’s plea to teach kindness to our kids, ‘All differences should be valued’

“He is sensitive and shy. The misbehavior associated with ‘boys being boys’ does not apply to him. He finishes library books in 2 days and eats his lunch in order of healthiest to least healthy. His punctuality is constant and profound. Yet another day he came home, reduced to tears after no one wanted to be in a group with him during gym class. Another day he bows his head, in fear he will be mocked.”

‘If I could go back, I would never put you down. I’d enjoy the cuddles, even at 3 a.m. I’d study your little fingers and toes, and soak it all in.’: Mom urges ‘cherish every moment’ with your newborns, ‘You will never get the chance again’

“When I was pregnant, everyone said to me, ‘Enjoy every moment. It goes by so fast.’ I wish I could go back and re-do the first few weeks with my firstborn. I would cherish every moment. It feels like just yesterday you entered this world, but now, it’s a distant memory.”

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