‘We placed my son in the back of a black SUV and said goodbye. I lost all hope. Just before I drank myself to death, I found out I was pregnant.’: Mom’s harrowing journey to recovery, ‘It’s up to you to break the cycle’

“Right after I turned 15, I met the absolute love of my life. Apparently, we were never really exclusive. In the summer going into my senior year, I got pregnant. I learned alcohol numbed the pain. After my daughter’s father left without telling me, I started partying more. He had no more fight in him. Days after his 4th birthday, we brought him home on hospice care.”

‘My sister pushed me to have an abortion, but I couldn’t do it. Not even 90 days clean, I found out I was pregnant.’: Woman overcomes addictions to have beautiful baby

“We ended up talking. I opened up about my grief and he shared that his father had passed away. We had been very good friends for years and helped each other through battling the same demons… And then I got the call, he had been robbed and shot in a parking lot. My world crumbled. Why him? Why now?”

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