advocate like a mother

Mom on the left takes a photo with her two daughters, on the right mom takes a photo of her youngest daughter with Coffin-Siris Syndrome

‘I spent the first year of my child’s life blaming myself, not wanting my child to have ‘special needs.’: Mom to daughter with Coffin-Siris Syndrome urges ‘you are your child’s best advocate’

“When she was losing weight, it was because I tried to force breastfeeding too long. When she couldn’t bring her hands together, it was because I had swaddled her longer than I should’ve. When she couldn’t crawl, it was because I didn’t do enough tummy time.”

On the left, family of seven take a photo together in a courtroom, on the right, adopted son kisses his mom on the cheek

‘Clay and Megan adopt even though they already have a lot of kids!’ I was 4 months pregnant with our sixth baby.’: Mom of 7 shares family journey through miscarriages, adoptions, ‘We all work as a team’

“We get all the questions: ‘Are you Mormon?’ ‘Are you Catholic?’ ‘Do you have a TV?’ ‘Are they all from one dad?’ ‘Are they all yours?’ My favorite is, ‘You know how that happens, right?’ To which I respond, ‘Sure do! And clearly I’m super good at it!'”

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