‘One day he will stop asking me to lay with him at bed time. One day he will be too big to fit comfortably in my lap. I am not ready for ‘one day.’: Mom urges ‘these moments will soon be memories’

“I will linger a little longer at bedtime when he asks me to cuddle for just a few more minutes. I will embrace the sound of little steps padding down the dark hallway, even if it means a little less sleep. These moments will all too soon become cherished memories.”

‘I spent my whole life wanting time to speed up, wanting to be somewhere else. Now, here I am. Laying in my 2-year-old’s room, staring at him with tears rolling down my face.’

“In high school, I couldn’t wait to get to college. When I got to college I couldn’t wait to be a working adult. When I fell In love, I couldn’t wait to get married. When all of that happened, I couldn’t wait to start a family. Now, it’s just my baby in my arms. I rock him for ME.”

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