‘He let out a big sigh. ‘I feel funny asking, but does Autism last forever? Will he have it when we are old and in heaven?’: Mom to autistic son urges ‘have the emotional and honest conversations’

“I didn’t answer right away. I wanted to listen. He went on to say, ‘I remember when I was little mama and Cooper had it. I couldn’t figure him out. I used to think he was from a different planet because he screamed all the time.’ He sighed. ‘I just wish sometimes it would go away so we could talk.'”

‘Knee deep in trying to calm my son, a lady placed her hand on me and whispered in my ear. I could feel the tears coming.’: Mom of Autistic child says ‘if you see a child in a meltdown, don’t stare’

“You would do anything in your power to help your child. Even if that means lying on the floor in the middle of a shopping center with him. That can cause some funny looks. Some funny comments. This day was no different. She nodded, she smiled, and she walked off again. In that moment, I could feel the tears coming.”

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