‘He put his hands on my belly. ‘God, please give us twins.’ Then, we waited. ‘Here is baby 1, and baby 2.’ Talk about speechless!’: Couple has twins, then triplets after 7-year battle with infertility

“My husband made a joke as we walked out. ‘Imagine if we had TRIPLETS this time?’ Fast forward to our 1st ultrasound. The nurse practitioner saw one baby, then two babies. My husband asked, ‘What is that spec over there?’ I wish someone could have recorded our faces of shock.”

‘I used to be the one they went to for all the things. The one-stop shop for food and comfort and love.’: Mother of teenagers says ‘it’s all a blessing… every bit’

“I used to make breakfasts for kids in footie pajamas, swinging their legs at my kitchen counter. Now, I make four frozen pizzas at once, trying to keep up with how much these tall kids are eating. I used to stay up at night worrying about what they ate that day. Now, I stay awake hoping they are driving safely.”

‘One day, you’ll realize you’re serving whole chicken nuggets instead of cutting them into pieces.’: Mom urges ‘you never know when the last day of a precious phase will be’

“One day they’ll want a shower instead of a bath. One day you’ll realize their car seat is no longer facing backward, and you don’t need that little rearview mirror on the headrest anymore. One day you’ll miss brushing their teeth because now they can do it themselves. Before you even know it, that precious phase will be gone.”

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